Continuous Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Device Reduces Nurse Burnout

Jul 5, 2022

Are you a nurse who’s overwhelmed with consistent workplace burnout? Why don’t you just make sure your health center places an order for the Sotera Wireless ViSi Mobile device? It’s that easy! Contact them today to get started.

Continuous Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Device Reduces Nurse Burnout

Between their long hours, tight schedules, and countless patients seen every day, nurses really do deserve a break.

Sotera Wireless introduces its FDA-approved ViSi Mobile device to make things a lot easier than they used to be.

If you're a nurse who's tired of being swamped with endless routine blood pressure checks every day, this one's for you!

The ViSi Mobile system is specifically designed to improve clinician time efficiency and help nurses and other medical personnel cut down on the responsibilities that contribute to burnout while improving patient outcomes.

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Burnout is one of the most serious issues affecting productivity and quality of work in the workplace. Physical and mental exhaustion is a growing concern, particularly in hospitals and health service centers, where medical personnel often work long hours and consecutive shifts without proper rest.

A study published on Jama Network showed that 31% of nurses reported leaving their jobs due to burnout in 2018. It's an alarming rate that indicates a need for efficient systems that reduce workloads at health centers.

Sotera Wireless developed its ViSi Mobile system as a novel tool to reduce patient discomfort, reduce clinician inefficiencies, and enable clinicians to identify if a patient's condition is worsening early enough to avert possible complications. The device uses continuous Non-Invasive Blood Pressure technology (cNIBP), which makes accurate calculations based on the measurements of the time a pulse takes between cardiac contraction and its arrival at a peripheral location.

The ViSi Mobile system can track a patient’s blood pressure, SpO2, heart rate, pulse rate, skin temperature, respiration rate, ECG, and other parameters non-invasively using cNIBP. Unlike conventional monitoring devices that require your patient to be attached to a large machine, impairing their movement, ViSi Mobile uses a monitor and a series of sensors that attach to certain parts of the body, making mobility easier.

About Sotera Wireless

Based in Carlsbad, CA, Sotera Wireless is a digital health company dedicated to producing the most accurate, comprehensive wearable monitoring system in the industry. The ViSi Mobile System enables ICU-level continuous monitoring to the general ward and beyond. The system is a wearable platform that continuously monitors all patient vital signs (Pulse Rate, Heart Rate (3 ECG Lead and 5 ECG Lead), SpO2, cNIBP (Continuous Non-Invasive Blood Pressure), MAP, Respiration Rate, Skin Temperature, Posture, Fall Detection, and Life-Threatening Arrhythmias (AFIB, AFIB RVR, VFIB, Asystole) and wirelessly communicates data to clinicians. System alerts can be tailored to notify clinicians of fluctuations that signal deterioration in a patient’s health.

A spokesperson for the company said, "Our ViSi Mobile device easily and seamlessly integrates into any EHR system. This automates information logging, reduces the need for nurses to spend valuable time charting vital sign information, and just makes everything easier."

You can read a recent report on the company’s study, showing a correlation between vital sign monitoring and rapid response effectiveness here:

Don't quit your nursing job yet! With the ViSi Mobile device, it can and will become easier at work for you. Contact the company to find out more about the device today!

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