Virtual Weight Loss At Home Sessions To Help You Shed Unhealthy Fat

Jul 2, 2020

Get personalized weight loss guidance online from San Mateo weight loss clinic iChoose Wellness Center. Call 650-212-1000 or visit today!

Staying at home during the recent lockdown or quarantine may have caused you to put on some weight. If you can gain weight by stress eating or snacking on greasy, salty, and sugary foods while at home, you can also lose weight at home thanks to a new online, medically supervised weight loss program from iChoose Wellness Center of San Mateo, CA.

The health and wellness center in San Mateo now offers the ChiroThin Weight Loss Program online. The program provides a structured holistic nutrition consultation, group support, and affordable plans designed for people who are struggling to lose the unhealthy weight gained during the lockdown.

Dr. Christopher M. Colgin and the team at iChoose Wellness Center provide proven, all-natural weight loss plans via text, phone call, email, and video chats. The online unhealthy weight loss program can be done remotely through Zoom calls with a certified doctor. Stay safe and get expert wellness advice from the comfort of your home.

The ChiroThin Weight Loss Program includes personalized coaching and anti-inflammatory meal plans that give you improved immune function, more energy, better skin tone, and better sleep. The San Mateo, CA weight loss clinic provides virtual counseling and special weight loss diet plans for women.

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The weight loss doctor in San Mateo offers virtual consultations and ongoing individualized diet plans for people over 40. iChoose Wellness Center has special medically supervised wellness programs for weight loss during quarantine for those with diabetes, thyroid problems, inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis, and lifestyle-related conditions.

ChiroThin online weight loss consultations also include sessions with a weight loss nutritionist and offer all-natural meal plans designed by a dietitian. The program makes exercise optional and helps participants eliminate food cravings for sugary or high-fat junk food.

Do what’s right for your body today! Watch this testimonial video at Watch to see what a personalized virtual weight loss program can do for you.

iChoose Wellness Center is a full-service chiropractic and healthy lifestyle weight loss center based in San Mateo, CA. The practice is headed by chiropractor and weight loss coach Dr. Christopher M. Colgin, a professional weight loss doctor with more than 20 years of experience.

Call 650-212-1000 or visit to schedule your appointment for your weight loss consultation online.

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