Get The Best Leaky Gut Diet Plan Health Treatment Solutions In Redwood City CA

Sep 21, 2020

Looking for the best gut dietitian and nutritionist in Redwood City, California? Contact Dr Christopher M Colgin today for the expert who will help you support optimal gut health!

If you need nutrition and gut health counselling, Dr Christopher M Colgin has the solution for you!

iChoose Wellness Center announced the launch of an updated range of personalized diet plans and treatments for patients in Redwood City, California. Dr Christopher M Colgin is an experienced gut dietitian and nutritionist who can help you achieve a life of optimal health and wellness.

The newly launched individualized nutrition plans and gut health treatments at iChoose Wellness Center aim to help you identify and fix the root cause of your gut issues.

The bacteria living in the gut play a crucial role in your overall health, helping digest food, prevent leaky gut and regulate the immune system. That is why it is essential to address any imbalances in your gut flora with the help of an experienced gut dietitian and nutritionist.

Dr Christopher Colgin has extensive experience helping those who are struggling with leaky gut syndrome. He provides nutritional testing to create a way for you to restore your gut health, as well as personal one-on-one consultation sessions that can be done remotely.

Each consultation includes a dietary assessment and a monitoring of your symptoms. You can also be asked questions about your lifestyle and social factors such as work and stress or other factors that may have an impact on your condition.

The experienced dietitian will then offer you tailored advice based on your needs and goals and he will review progress, adapting the diet as necessary.

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Using proven techniques selected from years of training, practice and experience, Dr Colgin can create effective programs to relieve his patients of the symptoms associated with their condition. He can help direct and support dietary changes to help manage gut symptoms, such as abdominal pain, bloating, gas, altered bowel habit, reflux, and nausea.

A satisfied patient said: “Dr Christopher Colgin is amazing! He cares about his patients and goes the extra mile by offering phone consults, coaching calls, nutrition, and weight loss. As if that’s not enough, he is the best chiropractor with his adjusting skills. I have been to many chiropractors, and Dr Colgin is one of the very best in the industry.”

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