Vintage designs with a modern twist.

Jul 16, 2021

My Lucky Shirt Company brand is a boutique apparel company based in Denver, Colorado with a passion for art. Their designs are sophisticated, bold and modern with a vintage twist. The entire line is meant to be collectable wearable art that makes a statement and is worn for all seasons. The collection is ever evolving and pieces will be added as available.

What is old is new. Vintage art of the old West is combined with Asian influence that has inspired new designs and decoration treatment. Tee shirts and comfortable sportswear that can be worn in the city or the country. My Lucky Shirt Company has launched a new ladies apparel line for immediate purchase. The new site offers garments that work for any modern occasion. The look is luxe yet casual. The site has inventory for immediate delivery.. The garments can be purchased directly from the brand to assure availability.

My Lucky Shirt Company s fashion brand with a Vintage feel. Global inspiration is where East meets West. Influenced by life and culture. Mix and match images that are playful and fun.

Wearable art where no two garments are the same. The artisans at My Lucky Shirt Company use classic styles that are modern. When you visit the website you will see a selection of designs named Western Rose, Enchantment, Horseshoe, Forever Rose, Thai Rodeo, Serene Rose and Tooled Leather. The interpretation of west, southwestern, vintage, Eastern culture all come together to an offering that captures the details, styles and images that are old yet new bold yet wearable.

The fabrics are light and airy which are comfortable and drape to flatter. The designs are bold, organic, sophisticated and toned down to be wearable. The garments are layered with overlapping images the emote a light airy dream like feeling. The execution of hand screen printing and embroidery allow for fine attention to detail and over all look. The garments are season-less and can be worn under a jacket, layered with other woven shirts or casually alone. The designs are collectable and meant to be ever changing to add joy to your wardrobe. Today small batch apparel brands thrive due to the ability to create and build the trend.

Established in 1979. They are a Colorado group of designers and artisans who love art that is ageless and positive.

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