Vare Technologies® Launches Non-Partisan Voting Insights & Political News Sites

Jan 19, 2024

Vare Technologies® is bringing voters two new non-partisan politics apps: VARE (Voter Access to Representation in Elections) and NewsRunner. Both are being launched at the Minority Product Launch event on January 24 and are set to change the way we think about voting.

With recent American elections tainted by accusations of voter fraud and upcoming elections already driving a hugely expensive multi-billion dollar and multi-channel press campaign, the team at Vare Technologies knows you might be left wondering what any of it means, and how on Earth you should know who to vote for.

If you’re tired of feeling voter confusion, voter manipulation, or even voter ennui, they have a smart solution to your voting problems at

Discover What Your Representatives & Candidates Actually Stand For

VARE will educate you on the details of legislative bills as well as candidate and representative positions and voting track records. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI), your personal preferences can be quantitatively matched with candidates and representatives of “like mind.”

Vare Technologies hopes the technology in the disruptive platform will change the way we all think about politics – since VARE makes engaging in politics a convenient lifestyle choice. The platform features an all-in-one omnichannel solution with analytics, reporting, social media, chatting, and video conferencing for its users.

Keep Up To Date With The Latest Political News

NewsRunner, their additional offering, a new social media platform, has been designed to provide you with the latest political news easily accessible via smartphone and where data will be made available to user groups in refining their research, outreach efforts, and campaign management.   

Get Past The Media Spin

Vare Technologies believes their new platforms will solve the biggest threats to keeping elections safe and accurate, and solve the problem of voters like you feeling adrift in the current political landscape.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, political spending for 2020 was near $14 billion, doubling the spending in 2016 of $6 Billion. Most of the spending was targeted at political advertisement, messaging, polling, and get-out-to-vote drives. Even with such spending to get information to voters, in a poll by BPS, 35% of Americans answered that “Misleading Information” was the major threat to an effective election process, an opinion you may well share.

Accurate, Non-Partisan Political Information

As such, VARE & NewsRunner seek to provide you with factual, unbiased, sourced information. This includes:

  • Voter registration and location information
  • Description of bills and issues
  • Historical records on votes cast by representatives
  • Forums for information-sharing and debate by citizens and politicians
  • Sourced information citing writers and contributors. 

Civic Activism Made Easy

Vare Technologies’ new voter app will make civic activism an easy lifestyle choice as you can gain all the information you need to make thoughtful, informed voting choices simply by engaging with the apps on your phone or computer. The communication platform will provide you with accurate, sourced information on news, representative voting habits, and a virtual town hall where you can fully express your opinions live. 

Modupe Ajibola, CEO of Vare Technologies, explains, “We want to create a paradigm shift in politics where voters drive the opinions while politicians serve the people by listening and responding to their constituents’ views. We think of VARE as the pulse of democracy.” Ajibola’s heart for using technology to serve people began with an award-winning OTGPlaya company, outsourcing and OEM solutions, and a decade-long stint at Texas Instruments. 

You can find more news on his background and Vare Technologies’ mission at 

About Vare Technologies®, LLC

Vare Technologies®, LLC is a data science technology company that has developed a communication platform, VARE, that provides an avenue for subscribed representatives, media, influencers, and activists to better understand their constituents’ needs and preferences. In this way, the platform creates Voter Access to Representation in Elections (VARE). With it, you can easily remain informed and align with representatives who support your views on bills and political issues.

Based in Austin, Texas with a hub in Houston, the company has previously developed a variety of technology and web applications. 

Additional details can be found at

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