Valentine’s Day Breakfast In Bed? Get The Best Non-Slip Lap Tray With Handles!

Feb 12, 2022

If you need a stylish yet practical lap tray, look no further! This multipurpose, non-slip tray with handles is perfect for serving food or breakfast in bed. Buy the Perfect Life Ideas tray on Amazon today!

Valentine’s Day Breakfast In Bed? Get The Best Non-Slip Lap Tray With Handles!

Wondering why you should buy this non-slip lap tray from Perfect Life Ideas? Here are ten reasons:

Non-slip (your food won’t slide around while you carry it)

Wide handles (anyone - from kids to seniors - can carry this tray)

Heat resistant (you can easily carry hot plates without burning yourself)

Stackable (keeps your kitchen tidy and organized)

Multipurpose (serve food, drinks, snacks, coffee, or use it to eat breakfast in bed)

Easy to clean (if you drop food while eating, no problem, put the tray in the dishwasher!)

Durable (it will last)

Affordable (you can treat yourself or buy it as a practical gift)

Stylish (choose a white or dark gray color)

Accessible (you can buy it on Amazon and have it delivered nationwide)

Bet you didn’t think a lap tray could change your life, did you? Still unconvinced? Read on!

You can easily carry your non-slip lap tray from Perfect Life Ideas, which makes it useful for serving food and drinks when you host parties. As the underneath of the tray also includes a silicone grid to add extra grip, it is ideal if you enjoy breakfast or coffee in bed as the tray will not slide off your blanket or comforter.

You can view the product at

What is important to you when considering a product for your kitchen or dining area? Is organization a factor? Stylish and affordable, the non-slip lap tray has been designed so you can stack multiple trays.

This creates a storage solution for your family, or it can help to keep your apartment tidy if space is an issue. Another advantage of using the newly launched tray is the fact that it is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe.

In addition, you can use the multipurpose tray both indoors and outdoors. For instance, you can use the tray during the summer months to move food from your kitchen to the grill. During the dark winter months, the serving tray can become a lap tray so you can enjoy dinner in front of the TV.

Perfect Life Ideas prides itself on providing you with products that last. This lap tray is durable and made from sturdy plastic. The rectangular shape allows multiple items to be placed on the tray. This means you can carry dinner and a drink, party snacks, or coffee and cake with ease.

Other notable features include its lightweight design. This, coupled with the handles, makes the tray ideal for all ages - adults, seniors, teens, and children. Because of its versatile nature and user-friendly features, this tray can be used in a range of settings, such as the home, schools, restaurants, airplanes, hospitals, and care facilities.

Aside from its new non-slip lap tray, Perfect Life Ideas offers a range of practical yet stylish products you can purchase on Amazon. This includes a Vibrating Massage Roll Pillow for at-home therapy as it relaxes muscles and can relieve pain. In addition, the company offers a unique gift called The Couple’s Bucket List, which features 100 date night ideas. 

A five-star reviewer wrote: “I bought this tray for my Mom. She loves it and her food doesn’t slip off the tray. Great purchase - I would buy it again.”

How nice is it to relax in front of the television? Even better when you can watch your favorite show and eat dinner. With this lap tray for Perfect Life Ideas, you can enjoy a TV dinner without worrying about anything slipping or sliding. And if you drop any food - no problem! It can easily be cleaned. Visit the link below to view the product in more detail!

Go to to buy your tray today! Remember: less mess, less stress! 

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