Use This Free Guide To Get the Best Price for Your Home in Ventnor New Jersey!

Oct 11, 2021

Do you want to know the value of your house in Ventnor New Jersey or anywhere on the New Jersey Shoreline? Why don’t you connected to Ventnor award winning real estate experts at Apex Prime Realty (609-287-1795)? Get their new guide to valuing your home so you can maximize demand and increase the sales price!

When it comes to setting the right price for your home in Ventnor New Jersey – or indeed anywhere you might be living on the New Jersey Shoreline – your goal is to increase visibility and drive more buyers to take a look. You shouldn’t make the mistake of trying to win the negotiation with a single buyer; instead, why not price your property so demand is maximized, more buyers make offers and your sales price goes up?

If that appeals to you then you need to take a look at Apex Prime Realty’s newly revamped house valuation guide. Written by Apex expert realtor Sherri Lilienfeld – it comprehensively explains the entire process of pricing a house so more offers are generated and house value is driven up! Crucially, the guide also offers you tips that make selling a property seamless and hassle-free. You are not alone!

 A bit of background. Apex Prime Realty is one of the top-producing brokerages in the New Jersey Shoreline locale. In particular, more information for you about Sherri Lilienfeld is available here

 Apex is committed to providing you with information you can trust. With the onset of the pandemic, you are already probably aware that demand for housing in less-congested regions like New Jersey has skyrocketed. So you can use this guide to take advantage of this demand to maximise the value of your home. But that means getting the sale price right in the first place.

 The sellers guide gives you the deep insight you need into the home valuation and selling process and the local Ventnor NJ property market. It boosts your chances of closing a deal at the right price and is informed by Lilienfeld’s 17 years in the industry, during which she has helped people just like you buy, sell and invest in hundreds of homes.

 For example, a seller in today’s market often prices a house on the high end because buyers are searching harder than ever just to find a home to purchase. But a high price tag does not mean you will cash in big on the sale. It’s actually more likely that you will deter buyers. Apex guides you through this minefield.

As Sherri says “With so few houses for sale, a property is more likely to sit on the market longer or require a price drop that can send buyers running. You can avoid this if the property is priced correctly from the beginning.”

The guide includes detailed information on moving as well as planning and executing a relocation to New Jersey if that is your plan. The state’s property and other tax rates are discussed as well. Apex’s expertise covers the whole New Jersey Shoreline as well as Ventnor including Margate, Longport, Somers Point, Northfield, Brigantine and Linwood

 About Sherri Lilienfeld

 Sherri Lilienfeld is a respected realtor who works with both residential and commercial clients, providing valuable advice that allows them sell and buy Jersey Shoreline properties as well as making smart investments in the area. For her outstanding service, she has been cited as a Five Star Professional for nine consecutive years — an honor bestowed on only the top 90 agents in the state.

 Lilienfeld also serves as a realty advisor for Downbeach Buzz, a local podcast and news site with over 45,000 subscribers. On the show, she shares the latest trends and valuable insight into the Jersey Shore real estate market. Why don’t you listen to the podcast at ?

 Sherri says: “As a real estate professional, you can expect me to give you the information you need before making a large financial decision, such as selling a Jersey Shore home or buying one, say, as an investment property. I’m committed to keeping you up to date on the selling – buying – investment process and I strive to answer your questions quickly.”

A satisfied customer, Beth Lyons, said, “Sherri Lilienfeld is the best realtor I have ever encountered, and she goes above and beyond the call of duty. She is professional, kind, intelligent, and very knowledgeable. I would recommend her to anyone in the market for an exceptional real estate agent.”

 Why don’t you visit for further information or call Sherri direct on 609-287-1795? You won’t be disappointed!

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