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Jul 24, 2023

Legendary marketer Jeanne Omlor is offering you the chance to learn the industry secrets that led her to the great success she is known for today.

Have you heard the term "choice paralysis"? It is the idea that, if presented with too many options, a person will freeze and be unable to make an informed decision. While this phenomenon can be most commonly observed in the line at fast food restaurants, it is also the same reason why most people who talk about wanting to start their own business never actually do.

There have never been more ways to make money online - this much is true. However, there is one method that stands the test of time, and which those across multiple industries are turning to during this renewed internet gold rush: consulting. Consulting allows you to sell your knowledge, a valuable commodity in a world increasingly flooded with disinformation, profiting off what you are already familiar with.

If you are interested in starting your own consulting practice, there is no better place to begin than with Jeanne Omlor. She has made a name for herself as one of the foremost authentic marketers in the industry, and can help you get on your feet to build an initial client list even with no overhead investment.

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The Business Success Accelerator 2 course by Jeanne incorporate methods for promoting your fledgeling business on LinkedIn and Facebook. Jeanne emphasizes the importance of building and maintaining a network when setting up a consulting service, and she will teach you how to use those connections to establish your initial client base.

The BSA2 course is ideal for beginners, and requires no foreknowledge of business or digital marketing to get started. Past participants have reported successful client acquisition efforts following their time in the course despite having never engaged with the industry before.

For instance, one participant said, “When I started this program 8 weeks ago, I knew nothing about starting a consulting practice. I have been in a creative mode for quite some time. I really value community, though, so I pivoted to group coaching. My ideal client is very specific, however, when I speak to these people, they are delighted about what I have created. I have signed 2 clients with 4 more interested - I am very grateful to Jeanne and this community.”

Much of this course focuses not only on the specific strategies that you can use to establish a consulting practice, but also on the mindset required to run a small business. Jeanne encourages participants in her course to celebrate successes, set realistic goals, and overcome setbacks when they do occur.

Jeanne developed this course following a long career in the consulting industry, during which time she garnered praise for her explosive success. Without the use of advertising, she was able to grow her consulting practice to a 7-figure venture within 2 years of launch, and the strategies she used to accomplish this form the backbone of this new course.

You can join the Business Success Accelerator 2 course following a discovery call with Jeanne. During this call, she will explore the ways in which the course may or may not be helpful to your specific situation, and she has pledged to connect everyone who contacts her with material to help them pursue their business goals, whether that is the BSA2 course or not.

The future of your financial independence may not lay in career work. With Jeanne's help, you can break free of the 9-to-5 grind and start making money like a real entrepreneur of the digital age!

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