US Crowdsourcing Platform Connects Med Students And Preceptors For Practicums

Mar 23, 2021

Students and preceptors left in the lurch post-pandemic can now use Find A Rotation’s crowdsourcing platform for premed shadowing and healthcare student clinical rotations.

Just because the pandemic continues doesn’t mean that your educational needs have stopped. That’s why Find A Rotation has developed their new online marketplace for clinical placements. Finding your perfect preceptor or student match has never been easier! 

Find A Rotation, a new crowdsourcing organization based in Florida, have launched their new collaborative platform for shadowing, observerships and clinical clerkships for American medical students and professionals. 

Go to to find out more. 

The announcement coincides with the ongoing global pandemic, which in March 2020 led to the Association of American Medical Colleges providing guidelines which suggested that medical schools should pause clinical rotations for medical students. 

Lamentably, one year on, the shortage of volunteering and physician shadowing opportunities persists and many medical and healthcare students in 2021 are still comparably behind preceding peers in terms of practical experience and learning. 

As such, Find A Rotation wants to revolutionize the medical student placement system in the same way that other collaborative and online crowdsourced platforms such as Uber and AirBnB revolutionized the rideshare and travel accommodation industries respectively. 

Accordingly, Find A Rotation have developed a platform in which preceptors and students can be simply and efficiently matched. 

Students seeking placement opportunities can easily register for the platform and then you just navigate a user-friendly search function determining location, specialty and more. The platform also features transparent details on the price range of prospective preceptors. 

For these prospective preceptors, you simply need to register your site, set your preferences regarding students and your compensation rate, and wait for the platform to connect you with appropriate students. 

Find A Rotation is a unique initiative that seeks to provide autonomy to both premed and medical students as well as medical practitioners who face clinical challenges during these pandemic times. Different to more traditional rotation agencies they do not place controls over rotations nor charge excessive fees. 

They are also now offering referral rewards to both students and preceptors who recommend colleagues to the platform. 

A spokesperson said of the new platform, “Find A Rotation is the first platform of its kind, connecting medical students and International medical graduates (IMGs) to clinical clerkships available throughout the US. FAR gives students complete control over their clinical education. Find A Rotation also allows clinicians from all walks to easily join the educational environment and become Preceptors.”

For medical and healthcare students in particular it is imperative that you don’t leave the future of your medical education to chance! Instead, find your perfect rotation today with Find A Rotation and gain the clinical experience you deserve!

If you would like to find out more about how Find A Rotation can help you as either a student or preceptor go to to learn more.

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