Upset over Kroy’s Discontinued Line Of Heat Shrink Label printers? Try Epson

Apr 14, 2024

With Buy Heat Shrink’s Epson heat shrink label printers you’ll never ever miss your old Kroy – get the best modern alternative today!

Do you need to replace an old Kroy printer or had one in mind but didn't get around to buying it in time? Buy Heat Shrink has suggestions for printers that can do the job for you just as well!

Buy Heat Shrink, based in Pompano Beach, Florida, has announced the addition of several new heat shrink label printers to their existing line of products including Epson KSUN LW-PX400, Epson LW-PX750PCD, Epson LW-PX900, and (coming soon) Epson LW-Z5010PX.

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With the latest announcement, Buy Heat Shrink provides quality alternatives to the recently discontinued line of heat shrink label printers by the brand Kroy. The discontinued models include the K3100-PC printer, the K4100 standalone version, the K5100-PC handheld model, and the K4350CPTR.

Heat shrink coding and labeling play an important role. One of the vital functions of heat shrink comes in its color-coding, which can indicate various things depending on your industry.

For example, in electrical applications, color can indicate whether a line is ground, neutral, or live. In AV applications, yellow frequently indicates a composite video signal, with red indicating the right audio channel and white or black the left. The variety of colors that can be heat shrunk onto an assortment of numerous cables can help you distinguish what goes where during a complicated audio visual set-up.

In the case of a dozen different audio and video cables all going to various multiple pieces of equipment, you need to know which plug or device matches which cable so that things can work properly. The objective can be accomplished by putting it in words, printing it on a label or directly on the heat shrink, in order to keep everyone safe and fully informed.

The company's new heat shrink label printers are ideal if you're interested in creating effective visuals for a wide range of applications, all of them being selected to ensure high standards of quality and reliability.

A spokesperson for the company stated, "Epson is a pioneer in the electronic printing industry, with the world’s first mini-printer, the EP-101, coming out in 1968. Seven years later, the company name was born, coming from the idea of “son of electronic printer,” or EPSON. In the nearly fifty years since, they’ve continued to innovate, not just in the world of printing technology, but in home entertainment, electronics, robotics, and so much more."

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