Understand Market Research & Analysis To Assess Your Startup Business Idea

Feb 17, 2023

Your business plan doesn’t have to be a dissertation. In this report from IdeaPros, you can learn how to do a convincing one-page executive summary for your venture.

Understand Market Research & Analysis To Assess Your Startup Business Idea

Failing to plan is planning to fail - especially when it comes to business. But how exactly should you write your business plan? IdeaPros offers a quick and easy guide!

Its report will show you how to create a brief yet comprehensive business plan. By taking into account 11 crucial market factors, you can produce a one-page document that demonstrates the viability and profitability of your proposed venture to investors.

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The guide explains the importance of target audiences, channels, problem-solving, competitors, revenue models, and costs. It also discusses unfair advantages, product differentiators, and your vision — as well as how to package these three into a compelling elevator pitch.

IdeaPros CEO Fred Cary says: “Many entrepreneurs believe that they have to spend thousands of dollars on an overly detailed business plan to get funding. In reality, what investors really need to know is whether you’ve done your market research and whether your data supports the feasibility of your venture. Our guide teaches you how to create a business plan that proves your idea stands on solid ground.”

You can read the full report at https://www.ideapros.com/blog/easy-tips-to-get-your-product-app-entrepreneurial-ideas-off-the-ground-nd/#business-boosters


Cary says that market research is crucial because it gives you a clear view of the business landscape and what role your product or service can play in it. Specifically, it tells you what gaps exist in the marketplace, whether your competitors address them adequately, and how your own startup can deliver a better solution. Moreover, conducting market research clarifies who your venture’s product or service is designed for, which allows you to engage that audience more effectively.


Aside from hard data and thorough analysis, the guide likewise offers critical advice on how to distill your market research into a business pitch. Cary notes that investors are often inundated with proposals, so being able to succinctly yet powerfully convey what your venture is and why it is worth investing in will help you stand out in a crowded field. An elevator pitch, together with a one-page executive summary, likewise communicates that you have done ample due diligence.

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