UK Students offer Post Brexit insights in new Finance Blog

Sep 27, 2016

Announcing the launch of a new finance website www. The website, created by three British economics students is designed to encourage post Brexit collaboration between UK and European finance students on markets that are affected by UK and European economic volatility

  • uk students offer post brexit insights in new finance blog
  • uk students offer post brexit insights in new finance blog

The impact of the recent Brexit vote in the UK is still being analysed by many international and UK based fund managers. To help investors navigate through the coming changes three students from the United Kingdom, namely Elisa Bloom, Blake Johnson, Jayesh Jadgal have created a new website

The trio’s objectives are twofold

The first aim is to share honest information about the EU finance sector and create debate about new investment opportunities and challenges taking place within the EU. The emphasis will be on hedge funds, equities, commodities, fixed-income and currency trading.

The second aim is to build an online community around the website to help centralize the collective knowledge of an entire generation of economics students across the UK and Europe

“Starting a collaborative network to tap into the group mind can bring unexpected and surprising results and save everyone time and effort.” says Jadgal” It will make investing, learning and communicating more efficient and fun for everyone.

Online media plays a central role in informing the public about what is taking place in the world, particularly in areas in which audiences do not possess specialist or direct knowledge and experience. Funds Hero will be inviting their European counterparts to collaborate and share their viewpoints online through Funds Hero social media accounts and website.

“We want to offer economics students across the UK and Europe the opportunity to collaborate to create an online finance hub where they can publish their observations and viewpoints and bring investors varied, yet accurate insights and a comprehensive, current and relevant view, of today’s complex and volatile European markets.” Said Bloom

The new Funds Hero websites is web 2.0 oriented. This means visitors and contributors can share pages of interest through email and social networks. They will also be able to subscribe to all news feeds including press releases, investment research publications and market commentary notes via RSS. Funds Hero YouTube account is also embedded directly onto the relevant web pages to allow for ease of access to video content. Interested parieice can find out more at

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