New opportunity for Travel Writers and Bloggers to submit writing

Oct 17, 2016

New gurst blogging opportunity for a freelance travel writers and travel bloggers to submit content at

A new travel website is looking for Guest Bloggers and Travel Writers with a genuine interest and real experience with different types of travel and can tell an both an entertaining story and give an honest review of the places they have been to.

“Everyone loves to read a personal travel story filled with the wonder, adventure and the inevitable up’s and down of travelling the world. It’s compelling reading", says Editor, Harry Foster.

Guest Blogging has a reputation for being used as a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) technique, when asked about Insider Travel Tips search engine ambitions Foster said “We believe that multi-author websites that publish informative, quality content bring readers a better blog. Genuine, quality content from real travellers will give our readers honest information about all aspects of travel. It also created an opportunity for travellers who write to share their experience and showcase their creativity and talents”.

The new website is interested developing a long term arrangement with writers that can provide original, fun and interesting content about their best experience across the UK and International travel scene.

"Guest Blogging with Insider Travel Tips is about developing a sustainable relationship that helps both the author and the website." Foster said “We see the benefits as three fold. Our members get access to more diverse content. Freelance writers and travel bloggers get exposure to a new audience. Our website gains a larger membership. Hands down it is a win for all parties".

Submitting Content to

Insider Travel Tips membership consists of backpackers, wannabe globetrotters and vacation travellers. It brings readers travel tips, advice and a reliable source of helpful information about inspiring destinations all over the world. Interested parties may submit content in a variety of formats these include film, vlogs, music, comics, and visual art provided it supports its goal to broaden people’s horizons through travel. Interested parties can get more information from the website.

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