UBERDOC Inc. is excited to announce our Seed Round of Founding

May 12, 2021

UBERDOC announces Seed Round investment to scale patient healtchare platform, offering patients priority access to the best doctors at affordable prices.

UBERDOC, Inc., is excited the closure of our $1.5M Seed Round, led by Doctors for Health Innovation (D4HI) and Global Health Impact Fund.

Our platform offers patients priority access to the best doctors at affordable prices by eliminating insurance and administrative costs. and platform currently hosts 4,000 active specialists and primary care doctors. We cover all 50 states and offering over 15,000 available appointments each week. Our expanding platform also offers users affordable cash prices for home delivery prescriptions, bloodwork, and imaging.

US households will spend over $700B on healthcare in 2021, the majority of which will go to private insurance companies and administrative costs. UBERDOC’s goal is to provide faster, more affordable care by creating an open, transparent marketplace where patients can connect directly to the doctors they need. With a substantial community of doctors already using our platform, this investment allows the company to further scale its offering to patients nationwide. UBERDOC expects to have over 50,000 weekly appointment openings by the end of 2021.

“As a physician-focused venture fund, the goal of Doctors for Health Innovation is to support ventures that can facilitate access to high-quality healthcare. UBERDOC is thus a natural fit for our portfolio and furthers our mission and vision. We are very excited to invest in UBERDOC and look forward to the positive benefits for patients and physicians.

   •Dr. Yatin Patil, CEO D4HI

We've always been built on the strength of its doctor community and sought investment reflecting that foundation in their seed round. We chose D4HI and GHIF based on their strong connections to the physician community; both funds are founded and funded by physician investors. In total, almost 100 physician investors contributed to the funds and syndicates that filled this round, many of whom are active UBERDOCs. In other excited news, we're also planning to raise a Series A in the second half of 2021.

“Our mission at UBERDOC has always been to increase patient access to great care by connecting them directly with the specialists they need. This investment from D4HI allows us to bring fast, transparent, affordable care to every patient in the US by eliminating intermediaries and restoring the patient-doctor relationship.” - Dr. Paula Muto, CEO UBERDOC


For more information about this topic, please contact UBERDOC COO Craig Zevin at [email protected].

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