Reserve Your Next Doctors Appointment In Minutes With This Medical Website

Jun 2, 2020

Do you need to see a doctor or a specialist ASAP? Go to UBERDOC’s website to get priority access to exclusive doctor’s appointments for a flat price.

Skip the long lines and get an appointment with the doctor or medical specialist you deserve - go to UBERDOC's website to get a consultation as early as tomorrow.

Direct-pay healthcare online service UBERDOC provides exclusive doctor’s appointment booking. The service provides you priority access, top quality care at a single, affordable price.

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According to UBERDOC, the national average wait time to see a specialist in this country is 40 days. The long process often starts with patients visiting an urgent care clinic, then going to their primary care physicians for a referral before being able to see the specialist that they actually need.

To address this problem, UBERDOC launched their exclusive doctors’ appointment reservation services. This gives UBERDOC patients the rare opportunity to skip the lines, avoid the scheduling calls, and navigate around insurance restrictions when they need to see a doctor fast.

With the service, patients are given the luxury of reserving consultations with doctors and specialists in an instant, 24 hours a day. Moreover, they pick the doctor of their choice and not who their insurance company dictates.

UBERDOC takes pride in having a roster of board certified, highly-trained and highly-qualified physicians and doctors that patients can easily and immediately get in touch with from key specialties such as pediatrics, psychiatry, orthopedics, urology, ob-gyn and more.

With one transparent and affordable price, users get to reserve exclusive consultation times—whether online or in person—with a specialist within 48 hours. There is also no surprise or added fees—the one-time fee is all the patient pays.

According to a spokesperson from UBERDOC, “Patient choice is the cornerstone of our mission because it strengthens the doctor-patient relationship. When patients are free to choose their doctor, it puts the control back where it belongs, and no patient should ever have to be denied access to the care they need because of insurance restrictions or cost. UBERDOC is built by those on the front lines of medicine to give patients a simpler solution.”

For more information about UBERDOC, call +1 978-638-2217 or visit

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