TUSK: Secure Conservative Alternative To Mainstream Search Engines With Ch

Mar 1, 2024

Are you looking for a better, more secure, and user-friendly search experience on mobile? TUSK Search is now available on Android!

How often have you been searching online and found it difficult to track down the stories you’re looking for? You’re probably bumping into the censorship that tools like Google have become known for. Thankfully, TUSK offers an alternative!

Download the app free at https://tuskbrowser.com/search/

Built for conservatives

The founders stress the importance of free speech when browsing the web, and note that big tech companies have often been linked to liberal agendas - resulting in suppressed content, or shadow bans on certain platforms for sharing right-leaning material.

“TUSK is designed to provide you with an alternative to the mainstream search engines that promote liberal bias and censorship of right media, and focuses on providing you with transparency in the search results,” explains a company spokesperson.

The creators say that being able to access information without censorship is particularly important for users in countries that block certain sites and content. By using encryption and privacy protections, TUSK Search allows you to access the information you want to find regardless of local restrictions.

Fight back against bias

Recent surveys show a desire for more choice in search engines, but also across social media platforms. According to the PEW Research Center, 90% of conservatives believe dominant technology platforms intentionally censor political content that does not align with internal biases.

TUSK is designed to give you the information you want without filters, and the search engine itself does not discriminate against political content. You also have the option to customize news feeds to favor particular sites over others for a more tailored experience. In addition to access and customization, security is a priority - wherever possible, the search engine establishes HTTPS-encrypted connections to protect your data and privacy.

Try the integrated AI chatbot

TUSK Search also offers Gippr AI assistant technology to enhance the user experience. Similar to ChatGPT, it provides conversational advice and answers to any questions submitted, but with a conservative focus.

A spokesperson states: “Other browsers may offer similar security features to those of TUSK, however, TUSK is the first of its kind and is fully focused on defending and supporting free speech on the web.”

With this app, you can upgrade your search experience in a way that makes browsing the web a joy again.

Check out https://tuskbrowser.com/search/ for any extra info you need!

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