Trusted Managed SOC Service In Cleveland, OH Detects & Responds To Cyber Threats

May 16, 2022

SubRosa (888-893-1983) based in the Cleveland, OH area is a trusted provider of SOCaaS in the state. The company uses the latest technologies to help companies immediately detect and respond to cyber threats.

Trusted Managed SOC Service In Cleveland, OH Detects & Responds To Cyber Threats

As technologies improve, so too do the criminals who use them. Now, more than ever, do you need to protect your systems from the millions of cyber threats trying to hack into your network each day.

Cognizant of the ever-growing threat of cybercrime particularly during this time, our team at SubRosa has improved our patented SOC as a Service solution. Our company uses proactive machine-learning technologies to help your business identify cyber threats as they are happening and immediately resolve them within minutes.

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The announcement solidifies our commitment to offer adaptive and intuitive service for next-generation cyber security. Once engaged, we immediately conduct a vulnerability assessment and perform intrusion detection on all existing software. If an anomalous behavior is seen, we apply the appropriate security response.

According to the latest IT research, cybercriminals have become more sophisticated and employed complex attacking mechanisms to hack into small to mid-sized organizations for their own purposes. It has become crucial for you to have a 24/7 monitoring security system and service to protect your sensitive information and maintain your operations. 

Most businesses remain unaware that their networks are constantly being attacked by cyber threats. While most are mitigated with generic IT solutions, a small percentage of dangerous malware is left unguarded against.

With our SOC as a Service, you have immediate access to a responsive and experienced team. From regulatory compliance to risk management, we identify zero-day attacks and resolve them before they can do any harm.

Further, our SOC as a Service is compatible with over 1,000 network components and operating systems. This means that you do not need to install new software or buy expensive hardware. The transition happens seamlessly so that you and your team can focus on your core business without fear.

Interested? Schedule a discovery call with us now! A live demo may also be arranged.

Security Operations Center (SOC) as a Service is a way for companies to improve their security department. The centralized function uses the latest technologies to prevent and detect any cybersecurity incident. When selecting a SOCaaS, you should look for a company with a proven track record for success.

Don’t make it easy for criminals to get into your system. Contact us today.

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