Best 24/7 Network Protection Solution: Managed SOC Prevents Cyberattacks

Aug 25, 2022

Are you concerned about the safety of your business’s data? Need a team of experts that can safeguard your systems? Contact SubRosa (1-888-893-1983) for unparalleled security that hackers won’t stand a chance against!

Best 24/7 Network Protection Solution: Managed SOC Prevents Cyberattacks

Cyberattackers are constantly on the move, and if your systems aren't being watched like a hawk, your business can be infiltrated before you even notice any warning signs! Don't become a victim! Partner with SubRosa!

The company’s managed SOC (security operations center) service involves monitoring your business’s systems around-the-clock in order to respond to cyberattacks before any critical data is harmed. This proactive approach is designed to keep your information safe at all times, even during your business’s off-hours.

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SubRosa’s cybersecurity platform makes use of AI machine learning, allowing it to constantly improve so it can quickly identify potential signs of danger. This 24/7 solution includes agent response, asset recovery, vulnerability assessment, disturbance detection, behavioral monitoring, log management, and SIEM (security information and event management).

A recent study revealed that in 93% of cases, hackers are able to successfully breach an organization’s network and gain entry into its resources within just 2 days. The rate of cyberattacks has continued to steadily increase, and in 2021, the number of attacks grew by 15.1% compared to the previous year alone.

The company’s advanced software is capable of prioritizing and responding to various threats, including zero-day attacks. These types of attacks occur when there is an unknown vulnerability in your system and hackers exploit that weakness to damage your programs, information, and networks.

With the platform’s event correlation and analysis functionality, you will only see incidents that are significant. The incident response team will work to reduce false positives so you can more effectively manage threat detection and response costs.

The managed SOC service can also help your business to remain compliant with reporting for ISO, PCI, HIPAA, and SOX.

SubRosa has used its cybersecurity solutions to protect businesses in a diverse range of industries, including manufacturing, financial institutions, healthcare, automotive, and eCommerce. In addition to its managed SOC service, the company provides a unified risk platform as well as a governance risk and compliance platform.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Lack of dedicated expertise can render your security tools useless while attackers sit undetected on your network. With SubRosa as your managed SOC partner, you’ll get all the capabilities of a next-generation managed SOC without the cost and headache of managing one yourself.”

SubRosa's dedicated team and innovative software will make sure your business is never vulnerable to attacks!

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