Trusted Disability Dentist In Fort Worth, TX Offers In-House Sedation Services

Jan 10, 2022

Disability Dental Services (972-433-7294) is the leading dentist for special needs patients in Fort Worth, TX. It offers safe anesthesia services for patients with physical or intellectual disabilities.

Trusted Disability Dentist In Fort Worth, TX Offers In-House Sedation Services

Are you looking for a disability dentist? We understand that taking care of a special needs patient is different, and you need to go to a clinic that understands their needs. We are Disability Dental and we have gained a reputation for our affordable and compassionate dentistry services for disabled individuals.

Our clinic specializes in anesthesia services for special needs clients. They are highly recommended for individuals with cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, brain injury, dementia, seizures, and epilepsy.

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Our services address a need in the market for safe dental care for special needs patients. Typically, people who suffer from some sort of mental or physical dysfunction are not regularly taken to see their dentist, which may lead to various dental conditions.

And we understand: It can be hard to bring your ward to the dentist, especially if they suffer from dental anxiety.

Researchers estimate that around 50% to 80% of American adults suffer from dental anxiety. The condition can manifest in a variety of symptoms, including racing heartbeat, fainting, and even visible distress or panic. It is the last symptom that is particularly evident among special needs patients who may communicate their anxiety with violence either to themselves or others.

We recognize the challenges that come with caring for a special needs individual and offer dedicated services for the community. One of our offerings includes IV sedation dentistry, which is suggested for patients with high levels of dental anxiety. Further details can be found at 

Our team of expert anesthesiologists can craft a custom sedation plan for each patient and monitor their heart rate, oxygen levels, temperature, and blood pressure during the entire procedure. Our clinic features an in-house recovery room where patients can rest while their anesthesia wears off. The goal is to offer them a safe and comfortable environment where they can feel at ease while recovering.

Our bilingual team can serve patients in Spanish and English.

A grateful parent wrote, "My son felt comfortable from the moment we walked in. He did not experience any of the standard anxiety about visiting a new place. There are not a lot of options for special needs patients once they are out of pediatric care. I consider Disability Dental a blessing."

Having a disability should not prevent a person from receiving excellent dental care.

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