Dentistry For Down’s Syndrome/Epilepsy In Dallas, TX-Adult Special Needs Dentist

Mar 14, 2022

Disability Dental (972-433-7294) is an adult special needs dentist in Dallas, TX. We believe that everyone, no matter what disability, should be treated equally, especially when it comes to dental care.

Dentistry For Down’s Syndrome/Epilepsy In Dallas, TX-Adult Special Needs Dentist

Are you looking for an adult special needs dentist in Texas? Trust only the best. Trust only Disability Dental.

Maintaining our position as one of the leading adult special needs dentists in the state, we at Disability Dental have updated our services to include the latest research in special needs dentistry. We understand that families of special needs patients may not prioritize their loved one’s dental health due to a misconception that seeing a dentist is a stressful and time-consuming event. 

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With our updated treatments, you can rest easy knowing your loved one is taken care of. From the minute you enter our clinic to the moment you leave, we make each process as simple as possible. After all, dental care should not be scary. In fact, we attempt to make visiting the dentist a fun experience for all parties.

"Dental anxiety” is a term that describes a person’s fear of the dentist. While manifested in mild cases among most people, dental anxiety can cause a special needs patient to react violently – whether to themselves or to others.

Aware of this, we offer sedation services for patients whose dental anxiety is severe. Facilitated by our in-house Board-certified anesthesiologist, special needs patients are gently sedated throughout their entire procedure. Further details can be found at

Caregivers and families are encouraged to schedule their appointments at least a day before their intended date to practice social distancing. Only a limited number of patients and their guardians are allowed inside our clinic at any given time. 

Other dental care services are also available.

A grateful parent wrote, "This office is A-1 from the time we entered the front door until we exited the side door! Every person we encountered was extremely nice and accommodating. This was our first experience with Disability Dental and my autistic son who does not like to be touched responded to them like a champ."

We make going to the dentist fun! Whether you’re a special needs patient or just a person who hates getting their teeth cleaned. More info here

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