Trust This Company To Connect You With The Best Solar Energy In California

Jul 24, 2020

If you want to save money while at the same time having electricity during power outages then check out Smart Energy Brokers. They can help you find the right solar power for your home!

Are you tired of those high electricity bills? Perhaps it’s time to switch to solar energy and save money! Let Smart Energy Brokers help you in your transition.

Smart Energy Brokers, a California-based company has announced the availability of its services. The company works to provide you with the choice of the best solar plans and products to fit your needs.

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Having partnered with all the top solar brands/companies, Smart Energy Brokers give you access to products and promotions from all of them. This partnership also functions in a way that you get the products at a price that no other company is capable of providing.

Smart Energy Brokers’ main goal is to encourage you to switch to solar energy as your main energy source, which has many benefits. According to a spokesperson for the company, when you switch to solar power you would see significant savings on your monthly energy bills, sometimes even saving money. Additionally, including an energy storage battery to your home allows you to gain energy independence while helping to maintain power during blackouts and power outages.

The spokesperson also stated that the company believes in a clean energy planet that is run by the sun. This, they believe will make way for future generations to enjoy what their predecessors had.

The company promises to do all the heavy lifting for you by making shopping around for solar power easy and less time-consuming. Smart Energy Brokers’ services are not only beneficial to you but individuals around the world can benefit.

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For each solar installation, the company makes a donation to help bring power to developing areas around the world that are in need of power. To make this possible, Smart Energy Brokers is partnered with GivePower, an organization that provides power to needy areas around the world.

Smart Energy Brokers’ solar partners are required to have at least three years of experience in installing solar, excellent reputation for workmanship and customer service, and 25-year warranties. Some of the companies that are partnered with Smart Energy Brokers include vivint.Solar, sunrun, LG Solar, Tesla, and sunnova.

Smart Energy Brokers prides itself on its non-brokerage fees policy. Co-founders of the company, Tom Hoang and Franklin Moore use their 14-years experience to help you find the perfect solar program that is favorable to you and not the solar company or salespersons’ agenda.

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