Trust This Bellevue Center To Care For Your Elderly Friends And Family At Home

Jan 19, 2021

If you’re having a challenge with assisting your elderly relative or friend in the transition into dependency then you need help from Hyatt Home Care. They even take care of your house while you’re away on vacation!

At Hyatt Home Care, all of the adult-care needs of your elderly friends or relatives can be met from the comfort of their homes. They offer various services, from household chores and errands to medical care practices! These services are available on a weekly 24/7 or hourly basis and even on weekends.

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The expanded services are offered to those individuals who are faced with the challenge of assisting friends or family members who are approaching old age and need adequate care. The company offers its services through its visiting aides who will assist your family members or friends with life’s transitions while in the comfort of their own home.

The 24-hour service offered by Hyatt Home Care is on a live-in basis. Both the live-in and the hourly care services offered include assistance with such duties as bathing, toileting, dressing, grooming, walking, and exercise. 

Transfers and medication administration also form part of the package. Additional services offered by the elderly home care center include activities, errands, shopping, and other household chores as well as respite support for families.

The team at Hyatt Home Care also works to assist with home support while you or your family is away on vacation or business trips. This home care support service comes as an addition to the personal care package offered by the center and entails in-home care for your pets or the monitoring of your home while you travel.  

Hyatt Home Care takes pride in promoting the well-being of adults and seniors through its provision of a complete solution encompassing every phase of personal care needed. This, according to a representative, encompasses the company’s strength and focus.

“Meeting the challenges of life’s transitions is our specialty. It’s our job to reduce the anxiety that older adults and their families typically experience during a transition. We can assist with many areas including Senior Transition Support, Home Organization, and Home Closure,” the representative stated.

It was also mentioned that Hyatt Home Care’s motto is “Life on Your Terms”. This is indicative of the company’s goal, which is to create a personal care plan with you and your family in mind, ensuring that your needs are met and details are taken care of according to your requests. 

Hyatt Home Care provides you with a menu of services from which to choose your options based on your needs. On this menu are the aforementioned categories of services along with health care services like physician’s appointments, physiotherapy, massage therapy, and medication reminders.

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