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Sep 10, 2021

If you are searching for the best dentist in North Charleston, call Carolina Family Dentistry (843-553-0911). Its teeth and gum specialists offer a range of general and restorative dental procedures for patients of all ages.

Stop being afraid of the dentist! The team at Carolina Family Dentistry will make you feel comfortable whether you need a routine cleaning or an advanced surgical procedure.

The clinic recently published a report entitled “5 Myths About Cavities And How You Can Prevent Them” to address common misconceptions about cavities and highlight the importance of maintaining your oral hygiene.

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By releasing this report, the dental practice is encouraging you to change your habits, so you can prevent cavities in the first place. The writer insists that teeth brushing alone is insufficient. You need to floss, rinse with mouthwash, and schedule a dental checkup every six months.

The author explains that you may have become complacent because you believe certain myths about cavities. For example, you may think only children are prone to cavities, or you can only get cavities from sugary foods. The report makes it clear that people of all ages and lifestyles need to keep their teeth and gums healthy.

The article also suggests that some people rely on useless at-home remedies to treat cavities, such as placing aspirin next to a cavity. Rather than experimenting with useless treatments, you should see a qualified dentist for regular bi-annual cleanings, and any time you experience tooth pain.

Carolina Family Dentistry provides comprehensive dental care for individuals and families throughout North Charleston. Its dentist, Dr. Ron Banik specializes in general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry. Services include extractions and oral surgery, gum disease therapy, custom athletic mouthguards, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, and cosmetic dental bonding.

The dental team understands that a third of the US population struggles with dentophobia. The clinic offers sedation medication to help you relax if you have sensitive teeth or extreme anxiety about dental procedures. The dentist can administer nitrous oxide, oral sedatives, or intravenous sedatives, so you feel comfortable, even during more painful dental procedures such as tooth extractions and root canals.

A satisfied patient said: “Dr. Banik and his staff are wonderful. They know I have a strong fear of dentistry and they treat me with the utmost care. Dr. Banik always shows me and explains to me exactly what is being done and why. He is extremely patient and kind.”

Carolina Family Dentistry is accepting new patients. If you want a healthy smile, call 843-553-0911 to schedule an appointment.

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