Truckee Psychologist Uses Memory Reconsolidation To Help Couples Avoid Divorce

Jan 10, 2023

Relationship Explorations (+1-530-446-1930) teaches that saving a marriage is a lot of work. That’s why Dr. Lin, serving clients around Lake Tahoe and Truckee, CA, offers intensive couple’s therapy retreats.

Truckee Psychologist Uses Memory Reconsolidation To Help Couples Avoid Divorce

It may not be too late for your marriage! Relationship Explorations offers in-depth therapy sessions that can give your union a much-needed new lease on life.

The practice gives you the chance to thoroughly discuss underlying issues with a licensed psychologist. The sessions are led by Dr. Lin Jovanovic, who teaches you communication skills and recommends behavioral adjustments that can help you avert a divorce.

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Relationship Explorations offers two-part intensive therapy retreats: a three-hour deep dive and a six-hour consultation. These workshops allow you to address issues like lack of intimacy and unreliable behavior, while also helping you navigate major life changes.

Research from MidAmerica Nazarene University found that 49% of couples get counseling at some point during their marriage. A broad range of reasons can prompt spouses to get professional help, including commitment issues, infidelity, frequent arguments, and financial problems.

When you deal with deep-seated problems, however, the standard therapy format may not be effective. As such, Relationship Explorations created a program that features extensive sessions with a psychologist, giving you ample time to identify issues and learn effective ways of addressing them together. The workshops are underpinned by memory reconsolidation, an approach designed to teach you to change the way you react to events and develop healthier ways of responding.

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To find out if the couple’s intensive workshop is right for you, simply request a 30-minute consultation.

About Relationship Explorations

Relationship Explorations’ goal is to help couples see eye to eye through proven counseling techniques. Led by Dr. Lin Jovanovic, the practice serves couples from Truckee, Reno, Lake Tahoe, and Incline Village.

Dr. Jovanovic says: “I want to connect with the world of people out there who want to get some immediate relief and help for the same old blocks that happen in their relationships whether about communication, intimacy, or feeling a lack of closeness to one’s partner. Our workshops are geared toward helping you overcome interpersonal obstacles using the right tools and skills.”

Your marriage is worth fighting for. If other therapists haven’t given you the breakthrough you’ve been looking for, consider trying Relationship Explorations’ intensive program for couples!

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