Couples Intensive Therapy Helps You Navigate Conflict & Repair Trust In Marriage

Shit happens, but it should not happen THAT often – book an intensive couples therapy session with Dr. Lin Jovanovic! All couples happened to be stuck in a relationship, and Dr. Lin’s expertise and knowledge could lead you out of the cave. Check Yahoo

Relationships have their ups and downs - and that's a normal part of life. Problems happen, we fix them and move on.

But sometimes, it can feel like there's no way out. The moment you fix one thing, two new ones take its place - and so it goes until you no longer know what it is that needs fixing.

In such cases, we all need a little help.

Luckily, there are great options nowadays - whether you need to improve communication, intimacy, or repair trust, Dr. Lin Jovanovic can help. She offers couples intensive counseling and retreats - and yes, as the name suggests, it's pretty intense. But in a good way!

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Designed to help you preserve your marriage and repair trust, the couples intensive sessions can be conducted in three or six-hour blocks. The focus is on building a safe and loving connection that fosters personal growth and positive change.

“With an approach called Memory Reconsolidation, you’ll practice changing the way you react to certain events and begin to establish new ways of responding,” explained Dr. Jovanovic. “We will address recurring issues or life changes with a focus on communication, in safely discussing wants and desires, and understanding and accepting yourself and your partner,” she added.

The three-hour sessions can help if you need to find a way to better manage conflict. Dr. Jovanovic focuses on improving communication, helping you and your partner heal your relationship, and rediscovering love.

If you and your partner need to work out more complex issues, Dr. Jovanovic recommends two-day six-hour intensives. During these retreats, the doctor will work with you on identifying the underlying causes of common disagreements and fights.

As part of the intensive counseling service, Dr. Jovanovic will prepare a personalized report with specific recommendations and resources to help you and your partner move forward in your relationship using the skills you learned during sessions.

Further, during scheduled follow-up appointments, Dr. Jovanovic will teach you how to avoid falling back into old patterns and, instead, apply your new skills in case conflicts occur (and they will!). But don't fret, you'll know how to handle them and move forward!

“When you practice these skills in real-time and experience the changes, you’ll start to see that there is a way out of the same old patterns,” said Dr. Lin Jovanovic. “You will feel safer and more seen, and be more connected to your partner.”

Dr. Lin Jovanovic offers couples a new and faster approach to repairing relationships and building trust. A licensed psychologist with over three decades of experience, Dr. Jovanovic is certified in Discernment Counseling with the DRI Alliance for Marriage and Divorce Professionals.

There's good and bad in everything - and it's the good in your relationship that makes it worth saving! Book your first consultation with Dr. Jovanovic to see how she can help.

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