Treat Sensitive Teeth Permanently At Memorial, Houston Family Dental Clinic

Aug 6, 2023

Does your mouth hurt, right now? Dentist 101 (713-773-1300) in Memorial, Houston can help. They’re experts at finding out what the root cause of your pain or tooth sensitivity is and treating it – permanently.

Did you know that having sensitive teeth is nearly as common as having blue eyes in America?

Well, okay, maybe it's half as common - but that's still a lot.

New research suggests that as much as 12% of people may suffer from sensitive teeth, and the worst part is, many of them haven't been to the dentist to get the problem fixed.

That's okay for a little while maybe, but these problems often get worse with time, so I wouldn't put it off too long. My advice, let a professional look at it, like the experts at Dentist 101.

In fact, if your teeth are already sensitive, you should book an appointment right away - because it's not going to get better on its own, trust me.

Just visit to schedule your visit, sooner rather than later.

Why Dentist 101? That's easy - because they're not trying to provide you with a quick fix, they look for a full solution. The whole meal deal, the full enchilada, the complete picture.

When you walk out the door after your appointment, they don't expect to see you again until your next scheduled checkup, because they do a great job, the first time.

That's important with sensitive teeth because there is no "quick fix" that fits all the problems - there are so many potential causes, it can sometimes take a real deep dive to find the culprit and fix it, but that's what they do.

Here are just a few things that you should know, before you go in for your checkup.

Tooth sensitivity is known to affect people of all ages, and research shows that they are more common in women than in men. However, the most common age to develop sensitive teeth is between 20 and 40 years old, and the effects can last for your entire lifetime if untreated.

When a tooth becomes sensitized, it's most often because of damage to, or loss of, the tooth's enamel. This hard, durable outer layer of enamel protects teeth against most complications, but when it becomes damaged, the dentin underneath can easily be affected by, well, pretty much anything. Heat, cold, sugar, or someone looking at you the wrong way, it sometimes seems. Learn more at and at

The Dentist 101 team is my go-to choice, because they work individually with you to determine the underlying cause of the damage to your tooth enamel, so they can provide an optimized and effective solution for long-term relief.

Some of the most common causes of enamel damage include brushing too hard, losses from acidic foods, and gum disease.

Another common cause may be related to the new trend of teeth whitening, which has the potential to damage your enamel when done incorrectly, without professional guidance. So hey, if you're planning on using some home whitening system, don't!

At least not until after you talk about it with your dentist - it's for your own good.

Even if you do everything right, you may find you have temporarily sensitive teeth for a short period during, or immediately after, a bleaching treatment.

It's just easier, safer, and in the long run, more affordable, to have a professional from Dentist 101 check things out first.

But hey, that's just my opinion - and what do I know?

So I fired up the old search engine, to check out their reviews, and Wowee!

Yes, Wowee! There are no other words to describe a business that somehow has almost a perfect 5-star record, doing a job that nobody likes, and many people are terrified of.

Not the job... I don't think anyone's terrified of being a dentist, but they sure are scared to visit sometimes.

Here's a recent review I grabbed from the top of the pile, “Extremely friendly and professional clinic. Would highly recommend it to anyone and will definitely work with them in the future. The staff is very professional and very upfront, and everything is explained clearly.”

I don't know what else I can tell you, if knowing that "sensitive teeth will only get worse," and that "there's an awesome dental team that can fix it nearby," isn't enough - what is?

If your teeth hurt, don't wait any longer.

Just get them fixed, it's easy at

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