Treat Acne With Gold Photothermal Treatment In Singapore

Apr 26, 2020

Have you ever thought of using gold to get rid of your acne? The gold phototherapy treatment of acne offered by The Clifford Clinic in Singapore does just that and provides great results.

The Clifford Clinic at the Clifford Centre in Singapore, announces the launch of the gold photothermal therapy for the treatment of acne. The doctors at the clinic have over 40 years of experience in the field of Dermatology, Aesthetics, and Surgery (both plastic and reconstructive).

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The clinic was launched with a vision to be the best aesthetic centre in Singapore. Their aim was to be a one-stop destination for all dermatological, hair, and body aesthetic requirements.

The Clifford Clinic offers gold photothermal therapy for acne. According to them, everyone and not just teenagers can be prone to acne at some point or the other. Acne is caused when oil-producing sebaceous glands produce more oil than normal. When this happens, the glands get clogged as the oil traps dead skin cells and increases bacteria proliferation, eventually forming a pimple.

In gold photothermal therapy, nanoparticles of gold are delivered into the skin pores via ultrasound sonophoresis. These nanoparticles are then heated with a dermatology laser. This heating process modifies targeted sebaceous glands, reducing oil production and therefore treats acne at the core. Gold is selected because it has excellent tuneable optical properties for various applications and does not react negatively with the skin.

According to The Clifford Clinic, the entire procedure takes between 30 and 45 minutes. After the gold nanoparticles are applied, the patient’s skin is cooled before the laser application takes place. The treatment requires no anaesthesia and has no downtime.

The treated skin will flush red for some time but most patients are able to get back to normal activities within a few hours or a maximum of a day or two. The redness, skin dryness, and itching if any, are usually resolved completely.

According to The Clifford Clinic, anyone suffering from mild to cystic acne or those suffering from frequent acne breakouts are good candidates for the gold photothermal treatment.

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Call them on +65-6532-2400.

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