Transformational Entrepreneurship Program: Power Energetic Shift For Women CEOs

Apr 6, 2023

Build a transformational business with the right energetic shift with the Richcraft ROI: CEO Activation program by Actualization Agency. Here, you learn how to transform your mindset so that you can effectively implement time-tested marketing strategies.

Transformational Entrepreneurship Program: Power Energetic Shift For Women CEOs

Let’s face it: Becoming a successful entrepreneur today takes a lot of effort. It’s no longer enough to “show up”. These days, you need to have a differentiating factor, something that separates you from the rest.

But where do you get started? How do you find the perfect balance between magic and realism?

Simple. Through Richcraft.

Actualization Agency welcomes you to Richcraft ROI: CEO Activation program, a 12-month mastermind course for entrepreneurs who want to build a sustainable business using somatics and business strategies. For April, the focus is on lessons in leadership.

The April program is designed to support entrepreneurs in their creative endeavors, from content writing to marketing to leadership. The Richcraft ROI: CEO Activation blends the somatic experience with proven business marketing strategies to guide participants to galvanize into the frequency of worth and peak performance without undue stress.

It is perfect for anyone who is sick of feeling stuck and is ready to operate from their power as an executive force!

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Actualization Agency says that its new program bridges the gap between magic, technical marketing strategies and meaningful personal development. During the masterclass, you will be taught how to uncover self-limiting beliefs about finances so that you can shift your mindset about your messaging, marketing, or operational strategy. There will also be regular live somatic clearing sessions to help you break through potential blocks and resistances.

No fluff, no bullshit. This program is meant for you if you appreciate the importance of energetics and want to be totally at peace with your feminine energy WHILE kicking butt at work.

The program will be moderated by Leah Ardent and Mariah Rossel, two women entrepreneurs who believe that financial success is reliant on energetic support. The pair specializes in done-for-you services that allow you to experience actualization first before moving on to technical business development. The goal is to create a strong emotional and mental foundation through somatic clearing so that you can properly implement industry-tested marketing strategies.

The Richcraft ROI: CEO Activation program is intended for transformational entrepreneurs who want to cut through the fluff and receive tangible results. According to Ardent and Rossel, it offers the best of both worlds, being a comprehensive overlook of spiritual theories and actual instructions for their implementation.

The result? You are more confident with every action you take because you are energetically EXPANSIVE. This time, you never have to worry about monthly masterminds that leave you wondering where your money went.

Aside from getting a closer and more in-depth look at becoming an effective business leader, you will also receive how-to lessons on elevating your current brand to become more visible, relevant, and competitive in your specific industry.

A spokesperson for the group wrote, "We’re here to walk with you through the energetic expansions to give entrepreneurship requires and to give you the practical insights you need to take confident action now. No more monthly masterminds that leave you wondering where your money went. Our combination of somatics and strategy is designed to make sure you and your business can expand your audience and your capacity with ease in 2023."

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