Embodiment Program Helps Female-Led Brands Grow In 2023 With Somatics, Strategy

Mar 3, 2023

Giving women in business the tools they need to succeed, Actualization Agency has created a jam-packed consulting package that’ll help you build the brand of your dreams.

Embodiment Program Helps Female-Led Brands Grow In 2023 With Somatics, Strategy

You might have been told that all you need to succeed is to work hard and dream big. But sometimes that isn't enough.

Struggling to hit your stride in business and not sure what to do about it? Let Actualization Agency help.

Created for female entrepreneurs who want to reach the next level of success in their business, the program is called Richcraft ROI. The package was devised by company founders Leah Ardent and Mariah Rossel and is based on their background in brand strategy and development. It combines personal development, marketing, and manifestation techniques and is ideally suited to female leaders who have enrolled in mindset courses before.

Go to https://actualizationagency.com/richcraft-r-o-i for more info.

On the program, you will receive one-to-one consulting sessions with Leah and Mariah. During these sessions, the team will show you how your mindset has been holding you back in business and suggest ways to overcome this - and you'll get to see how your mindset feeds into your brand messaging and operation strategy.

Every month, you can accelerate your results by joining a live somatic clearing session. This guided energetic practice helps you overcome limiting beliefs, remove emotional blocks, and clear resistance. At the end of the program, you will also receive a lesson plan with strategies you can apply in your business.

To help you implement the techniques you have learned on the program, you can also avail of a content support service. This includes a tailored digital marketing plan and DFY social media content creation.

Explaining how female leaders can benefit from the Richcraft ROI program, a spokesperson for the company says, “This program is all about bridging the gaps between magick, marketing, and meaningful personal development. We are here to walk with you through the energetic expansions entrepreneurship requires and to give you the practical insights you need to take confident action now. Our combination of somatics and strategy is designed to make sure you and your business can expand your audience and your capacity with ease in 2023.”

About The Company

Actualization Agency is a female-owned Colorado-based company that specializes in elevating women-led brands. They offer insights on topics related to branding, social media, and leadership and are passionate about helping female entrepreneurs take action toward their goals. The team is made up of an image consultant, a brand strategist, a somatic clearing expert, and more.

Business doesn't have to be a struggle and your success doesn't have to be hard-won. Make business easy with Actualization Agency!

Ready to reach your next level of success? Head to https://actualizationagency.com to get started.

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