Train From Toronto To Vancouver At Affordable 2020 Canada Rail Vacation Rates

Oct 19, 2021

Get once-in-a-lifetime pricing on a trip of a lifetime across Canada. Canada Rail Vacations is updating its VIA Rail Toronto, Ontario to Vancouver, British Columbia tour package with 2020 pricing and complimentary hotel upgrades.

If your idea of a fantastic cross Canada trip does not involve a mile-long check-in line up and a two-hour pre-boarding wait, why not go by train?

Travelling by train from Toronto to Vancouver aboard VIA Rail allows you to experience a cross-country journey through Canada’s lake-dotted landscapes, prairie vistas and mountain terrains without any of the inconveniences that now seem to define travel by air. Canada Rail Vacations’ newly updated services make it easier and more affordable than ever to experience a 7-day rail tour aboard “The Canadian,” the fleet’s classic, meticulously refurbished mid-century rail cars.

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Canada Rail Vacation packages combine spectacular travel and accommodations with exciting tours and activities. The recently updated Toronto to Vancouver package makes a bucket list journey rich in Canadiana accessible to anyone who’s ever dreamed of experiencing the country by train. Rally your partner or rally your friends, and make that dream a reality!

VIA Rail is Canada’s classic overnight rail passenger service. You get to step back into a golden past, travelling aboard The Canadian, a nostalgic, 50s-era train that allows you to relive Canada’s history as you wind through Canada’s supernatural terrain.

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You can book a private sleeper cabin that accommodates single and double occupancy and includes folding chairs by day so you can sit and take in the scenery, and turn down service at night by attendants who’ll pull out and prepare your bed.

For a really deluxe excursion, book the Prestige service. Prestige aboard The Canadian delivers a top-notch luxurious railway experience in recently upgraded cars that are described as masterpieces of design. You’ll be treated to artisanal interiors as you take in Canada’s glorious scenery. Your spacious quarters are equipped with a flat-screen TV, a personalized mini-bar, private washroom, showers and a modular leather sofa that converts into a bed.

The Toronto to Vancouver rail trip includes four nights’ private bedroom accommodation, two nights’ hotel accommodation pre and post-trip, made-to-order meals, an independent tour of Toronto, and complimentary CN Tower admission passes. Glass-domed observation cars give you unlimited vista views while professional servers treat you to unlimited snacks and hot beverages for a grand yet fully relaxing getaway.

Canada Rail Vacations is based in Calgary, Alberta. The team has guided over 10,000 guests back and forth across the country for over 25 years. Founded by Martin Flanagan in 1995, the rail tour company is family-owned and operated, and 100% Canadian.

With the recent update in package prices that allows you to lock in 2020 pricing on your 2022 Toronto to Vancouver rail tour, along with hotel upgrades and other worry-free incentives, Canada Rail Vacations is making it easier than ever for you to experience the Canadian countryside by rail for a trip of a lifetime at a once in a lifetime rate.

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