Top Summerfield, FL Home Security System For Premium Protection & Convenience

Jan 28, 2022

Do you feel fidgety about the security of your home? And every time someone forgets their keys, there’s the key under the flowerpot “trick”! Why not just call Welch Security at 352-209-6011 and start to relax a bit more?!

Top Summerfield, FL Home Security System For Premium Protection & Convenience

It’s normal. It’s not just you. You just don’t feel safe all the time. And the family worries too. But just by taking the first step and installing a security system, you’ll feel better – and for good reason! That alone acts as a deterrent!

And, gosh, the sheer convenience. You need to let your sister in – and you’re at the office or the store or in another country?! Presto! Just whip out your smartphone and ta-da!

Welch Security specializes in the design and installation of state-of-the-art “smart” home security systems. Unlike traditional home alarm systems, these smart ones allow the owners to be in control of their homes remotely, via smartphone. This includes the house locks, lights, thermostats, garage door, and security system.

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Welch Security’s expansion also reflects the reality on the ground in Florida, which saw another uptick in violent crime in 2021, while the amount of property officially stolen in the state exceeds $1 billion annually.

One study estimates that while only 17% of homes have a security system in place, those homes are 300% more likely to be robbed. Police authorities solve less than 15% of reported burglary cases, due to lack of evidence and eyewitness accounts.

The company’s cutting-edge security system provides perimeter protection, glass and shock sensors, and interior traps. Their ADT Pro indoor and outdoor security cameras allow you to set up trip zone alerts for differentiating events and to speak with anyone inside or outside your home – all from an app on your phone!

Keyless entry lets you lock/unlock your doors from virtually anywhere with the ADT mobile app, providing added convenience if, for example, you need to let another person into the home remotely. Multiple codes can be easily added for different users and family members, and temporary codes set for service workers.

Additionally, with the Life Safety feature, the monitored ADT sensors will alert first responders if there is a carbon monoxide leak, a fire breakout, or a medical emergency in the home.

The company was founded by Rob Welch, an Alarm Guard ADT Authorized Dealer Owner. Welch Security’s mission is to establish the highest level of customer satisfaction possible by making people feel more safe and comfortable in their own homes. The company continually updates its technician training, safety, and installation processes to stay abreast of trends and production ability.

One customer commented: “Rob and his team did an amazing job, answered all questions, and continue to do so. I’d recommend this company, their expertise, and their professionalism to anyone.”

It’s one of those things that’s a real no-brainer. You want it. And who better to take care of your wishes than a small family-run firm that seriously cares about customer service. All the 5-star reviews prove it!

Go to and see all the reviews for yourself. Let Welch Security take care of you and your family today!

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