Top Real Estate Tips For New Home Buyers In Pahrump: Get Best Market Advice

Dec 12, 2023

Ken Haring and Jeannette Draper, Realtors, the star duo behind Pahrump’s The Dream Team at Access Realty (775-382-8300) are on a mission to help buyers and sellers alike find success in Southern Nevada real estate.

If you’re considering buying or selling a home in Pahrump, Nevada, you’re in luck. Ken Haring and Jeannette Draper, Realtors, the head realtors at The Dream Team at Access Realty, have just released a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the Pahrump real estate market.

Their new buying and selling guide, ‘Navigating the Pahrump Real Estate Market: Top Tips for Buyers and Sellers,’ is a concise but informative real estate market report. In it, the experienced and award-winning realtors offer their top-5 tips for sellers and buyers alike, including first-time buyers, taking into account current trends in the region’s real estate performance.  

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Understanding the Pahrump Real Estate Landscape

With the cost-of-living crisis and widespread interest rate rises impacting the financial circumstances of both buyers and sellers, but still not cooling Nevada’s hot property market, The Dream Team at Access Realty believes there are many core factors that you should be aware of before you make any moves in the market. 

Top 5 Tips for Buyers and Sellers

As The Dream Team at Access Realty’s new buying and selling guide stated, “Buying or selling a home in Pahrump, Nevada, can be a significant life event, whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or an experienced seller. The Pahrump real estate market has its unique characteristics and challenges, making it essential to be well-prepared.” 

For Sellers: Competitive Pricing and Strategic Marketing

Selling a home in Pahrump requires a strategic approach. The guide emphasizes the importance of pricing your property competitively and developing a marketing strategy. In a market with its own set of challenges, these steps can make a significant difference in attracting the right buyers.

For Buyers: Research and Forecasting for Future Growth

Buyers, especially first-timers, can benefit from effective market research. The guide provides valuable advice on how to navigate the local market, forecast future growth, and make informed decisions. With Nevada’s real estate market showing no signs of cooling down, being well-prepared is more critical than ever.

Personalized Guidance from The Dream Team 

As local agents, Ken Haring and Jeannette Draper, Realtors, are confident that they can assist you with that essential preparation and they encourage you to reach out to them if you would like more personalized guidance. 

About The Dream Team at Access Realty

Ken Haring and Jeannette Draper, the head realtors at The Dream Team at Access Realty, are trained realtors and property brokers and they boast years of experience. During this time, they have developed a reputation as the leading realtors in Pahrump, Nye County and Clark County. They pride themselves on their strong market knowledge and analysis, which they bring to all the buyers and sellers they work with. 

The duo has been listed in the ‘Top 500 Agents in Southern Nevada’ each year since 2021 and in ‘Nye County’s Top 5 Agents’ since 2020. 

A spokesperson for the realtors said, “Ken Haring and Jeannette Draper, Realtors, bring unparalleled industry knowledge, experience, and local expertise. They are the most accomplished real estate consultants in Pahrump and they handle realty transactions across Southern Nevada.” 

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Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make your Pahrump real estate journey a success with the guidance of these industry leaders.

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