Top-Rated Moore, OK PCP Offers On-Site Laboratory Services & Digital X-Rays

May 29, 2024

Want to avoid expensive ER visits with long wait times? If you live in Moore, you can visit Classen Urgent Care Clinic to get top-tier medical care at an affordable price! Call them at (405) 378-2001 to learn more!

If you’re feeling under the weather or suffering from a lasting injury or a chronic condition, you may have to see the doctor regularly. But if you don’t have a family practitioner, then things can get really expensive, especially if you’re resorting to the ER. But did you know? The ER isn’t the only choice. Classen Urgent Care Clinic in Moore can do the job just as well - maybe even better, since you won’t be paying as much or waiting nearly as long!

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The Price of ER Visits

It is estimated that Americans spend roughly $4.4 billion annually on visits to the ER. In the state of Oklahoma, a single visit will cost an individual around $1,466 before insurance. Additionally, wait times are typically very long, averaging around four hours before patients are attended to by a doctor. 

You’ve probably heard about how a lot of visits to the ER are unnecessary too, because many times, they’re for issues that can be addressed by a regular doctor…or at an urgent care clinic. And that’s why Classen Urgent Care Clinic exists.

Saving Time and Money with Classen Urgent Care

If you lack a family practitioner, are looking to save money, or want to avoid unnecessary ER visits, you can visit Classen Urgent Care Clinic’s Moore location to receive medical care with shorter wait times. No appointment is required, and individuals of all ages are welcome! That means you can check yourself in, check your kid in, or check your grandpa in. No matter who they’re seeing, the clinic’s board-certified health professionals are trained to address a variety of illnesses and medical conditions, and they are also capable of treating injuries sustained from occupations or accidents. 

In addition to general medical care, Classen Urgent Care Clinic’s facilities are equipped to provide you with: 

  • DOT or DMV physicals
  • School and sports physicals
  • Motor vehicle accident check-ups
  • Digital X-rays

The clinic also offers on-site laboratory services and electronic prescriptions, should they be required. They can even give you a vaccination if you need one. They practically do everything!

A Part of the Community Since 2011

Classen Urgent Care’s Moore location was established in 2011 and has since been voted Best Urgent Care Clinic in Moore and South Oklahoma City by the Moore Monthly magazine. In 2021, the clinic also received an award from the Cleveland County Commissioners for its efforts to help the community during the pandemic.

One satisfied patient wrote, “Super friendly staff. I went there bright and early. I appreciate that this location is open at 6 AM when other urgent care centers open at 8 AM. I was in and out. Everyone showed me kindness, which I am grateful for, and the place was very clean. I have no complaints about the service.”

Here’s some more good news! Classen Urgent Care accepts most major insurance plans, and they also offer discount medical programs to patients who aren’t insured. They want to make medical care as accessible as possible, because that’s how it should be. No wonder they’re the top-rated urgent care clinic in Moore!

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