Moore, OK Primary Care Physician Treats Colds & Cough In Children & Adults

Jul 9, 2024

Are you looking for a reliable primary care provider in Moore, OK, who can cater to your family’s healthcare needs? Look no further than Classen Urgent Care Clinic. Call (405) 378-2001 to schedule your appointment.

As a parent, you want the best for your family, and that includes good medical care without the long wait. Classen Urgent Care Clinic provides accessible, fast, and compassionate medical treatments that put you first. 

The clinic’s services include preventative care, screenings, and vaccinations. Want to know more? Check them out at 

The Importance of Primary Care:  

According to Forbes, adults who regularly see a primary care doctor have 33% lower healthcare costs and a 19% lower chance of premature death compared to those who only see specialists. 

So, having a go-to primary care provider is a pretty big deal. And that’s exactly what Classen Urgent Care Clinic offers – a first point of contact for all your sudden illnesses, injuries, or ongoing health needs. 

Access Quality Primary Care Services 

Classen Urgent Care Clinic provides medications and advice to help you better manage your lifestyle-related chronic health issues like diabetes. 

Need bloodwork or diagnostic tests? They’ve got that too. From X-rays to COVID-19 testing, they do it all onsite. And if there’s something they don’t handle, they’ll refer you to the right specialist. 

To make healthcare even more accessible and convenient, the clinic offers telehealth appointments for regular patients. This means you can minimize travel time and consult with their providers from the comfort of your own home. 

More Than Just Family Medicine 

But, Classen Urgent Care Clinic isn’t just about family medicine. They offer urgent care, occupational medicine, and accident care services too. 

One recent patient shared, “I had such a wonderful experience here. I went in with severe stomach issues and dehydration, and they helped me a lot. I love the nurses, welcome desk, and doctor. Shannon did a great job with my IV, and they gave me a warm heated blanket as I got my IV. Overall, the experience was excellent.” 

Classen Urgent Care Clinic is your one-stop shop for family medicine in Moore, OK. With their commitment to providing compassionate care, this clinic is ready to help you and your loved ones feel your best. 

Book an appointment today at and experience the difference for yourself.

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