Top Local Aurora, MO Auto Body Shop Offers Frame Straightening, Unibody Repairs

Apr 28, 2023

Finding the right auto body repair shop after an accident can be quite stressful, especially when factoring in costs. Hudson Collision (417-783-3100) can help. With top-quality and affordable service, you’ll have your vehicle back on the road in no time, looking as good as new!

If you’ve had a minor accident, you may wonder if getting your vehicle fixed is worth it. But repairing damage to the body of a car is more than just making it aesthetically pleasing — it can save you a lot of headache and costly repairs in the long run.

For one, a collision can cause other issues, such as steering wheel problems. So, even if the damage seems small, without proper auto body repairs, your safety may be compromised. Understandably, some people delay these fixes due to time constraints and money. But even the tiniest dents warrant immediate attention.

Hudson Collision can provide you with high-quality solutions for your auto body repairs in a timely and cost-effective manner. They offer collision repair, body paint, scratch and dent removal, unibody frame and straightening, and other vehicular repair services that'll ensure optimal comfort and safety.

Head to for more information about their range of services.

According to surveys, the collision repair industry has been facing some residual issues of late due to the coronavirus pandemic, including parts and material shortages from supply chain disruptions, pressure from consumers for more digital experiences, and new training and tooling needed to repair increasingly complex vehicles.

Hudson Collision has, for the most part, remained unaffected, particularly regarding the latter two. The shop works on all vehicle makes and models, foreign and domestic, utilizing the latest technology in auto repair.

Their state-of-the-art ProBSE frame machine, for instance, can handle any type of unibody or full-frame damage. And with the use of computerized color matching, they ensure each vehicle has a uniform finish, no matter the state of the body panels after the completion of a repair.

The shop's certified technicians work on every type of auto body repair, from fender-benders to severe collisions. Their technicians are also trained to work with all modern vehicle materials, including plastic. And for issues such as a cracked windshield or rock chip in your window, they provide complete auto glass repair.

They also offer on-site and photo estimates, pick-up and delivery service, insurance claim assistance, and a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Additionally, you can check the repair status of your vehicle through the company’s website or have the technicians update you on its progress.

A satisfied customer said: "Everyone at Hudson Collision is very professional and completes the work on my car in a very timely manner. The guys would call me to give updates on the progress on my car and made sure everything was perfect when I picked it up."

Hudson Collision has been serving Aurora, MO, and surrounding areas for 11 years. And since day one, they've remained committed to providing residents with first-rate vehicle repairs and quality customer service they can rely on.

So don't compromise your comfort and safety. Let these expert technicians do what they do best — get your auto baby looking spiffy and ready for the road! Give them a call today, or visit for more details.

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