Top Consultancy Shares Step-By-Step Guide to Data Analytics for Business Owners

Feb 15, 2023

Data analytics can unlock new growth opportunities for your business. Read this report by Intelligent Technical Solutions to get the details.

Top Consultancy Shares Step-By-Step Guide to Data Analytics for Business Owners

Numbers tell a story. The question, however, is whether you can decipher it. Worry not as Intelligent Technical Solutions has a free guide on data analytics.

The guide is intended to provide you with actionable steps on how to utilize data analytics and to teach you how to harness these business insights to optimize internal processes and fast-track growth.

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This guide is ideal if you are a corporate leader who wants to integrate data-driven decision-making into your enterprise processes. It comes in light of recent Deloitte figures revealing that data analytics helps 49% of businesses make better decisions, with many also relying on this method to shape their strategies.

While most businesses are aware of the importance of data analytics, many business owners and executives lack expertise in sourcing, quantifying, and interpreting data. Intelligent Technical Solutions' in-depth guide is intended to empower your organization to leverage its data and turn it into actionable insights.

The team identifies several ways you can utilize company data: for identifying trends in the behavior of your teams and your customers, as well as for tracking operational inefficiencies. You can also leverage data analytics to guide executive decisions and strategies, using your collected information to predict future trends.

The guide also outlines some of the challenges associated with using data analytics, pointing to tight budgets, poor integration with a business's internal systems, and low team involvement as the most common obstacles you can encounter.

The data experts explain that the price of data analytics broadly depends on the volume of data a company handles, the software they use, and the time it takes for the tech team to analyze the information. In a drive to help you take an informed decision for the software that fits both your needs and budget, the guide offers a brief functionality and price comparison of the most popular tools for data analytics.

You will also find a section to help you determine if data analytics is a good fit for your enterprise.

You can view the guide online, but you can also opt for a PDF version to be sent to your email.

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Data analytics can give your business the edge it needs. So don’t delay - read Intelligent Technical Solutions’ report today.

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