Top Boston Security Firm Provides Off-Duty Cops For Employee Terminations

May 17, 2023

Having to terminate employees is never easy for any of the parties involved. To help ease some of the tension that comes with employee terminations hire New England Security (617-322-6372) in Boston.

Most people's livelihoods are entirely derived from their jobs and to suddenly lose that can cause a wide range of emotions and reactions. Thankfully, New England Security can provide you with the security services needed to ensure that any employee terminations you have to carry out don't escalate into violence.

The Boston security protection firm offers access to off-duty cops, former or active police officers, federal agents, and other well-qualified security personnel who provide protection during employee terminations. Their security specialists are expertly trained and qualified to deal with potentially hostile workplace scenarios.

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Most employee terminations transpire without any problems. However, given the nature of the situation, there is always the potential for outbursts, both verbal and physical. To eliminate the possibility of harm and protect everyone involved, New England Security recommends that your business be proactive and hire security personnel to monitor the situation.

New England Security partners with your business through every step of the employee termination process. First, they meet with your management and human resources teams to assess the situation and determine staffing needs. During this time, private investigators can also be brought in to do background checks on the employees involved and determine if there are any additional threats.

Once assessed, the relevant security personnel are brought in to assist with the termination process. They will remain on site for as long as you need and cooperate with the necessary parties to ensure a smooth transition.

New England Security’s team is made up of highly-trained security experts and de-escalation specialists. Depending on the level of threat, they can be armed. They will also dress to meet the needs of your situation, whether that requires plain-clothes attire or some sort of uniform or outfit.

With New England Security, you also get many other perks and benefits. Both their security personnel and client management team are available 24/7 to address your concerns. They can also provide hi-vis patrol vehicles for large areas if needed. All of their services are guaranteed and available on trial bases should you not want to commit on a long-term basis.

“Sadly our company had to do some mass layoffs last year as a result of the pandemic, so as a precaution we hired New England Security,” said a satisfied customer. “Their guards arrived on time and were incredibly professional throughout the whole process. Thanks to them, what could’ve been a potentially difficult situation went off without a hitch. I can’t thank them enough.”

To hire New England Security for your employee terminations, you can call the number provided in the description or get a quick no-obligation quote by filling out the form on their website. One of their security specialists will get in touch with you to discuss your needs confidentially. In addition to employee termination security, they also provide armed guards, background checks, bike patrols, celebrity and dignitary protection, loss prevention personnel, parking enforcement, and more.

About New England Security

New England Security has been providing professional security services to clients in Boston and the surrounding area since 2005. The company is certified and licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety Department of State Police Certification Unit. It is also bonded and insured.

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