Top Atlanta Eye Surgeon Explains Eyelid Malposition Treatment Options

Oct 15, 2022

Atlanta plastic surgeon and global authority Dr. Harvey “Chip” Cole III explains the most effective surgical options for eyelid malposition.

Top Atlanta Eye Surgeon Explains Eyelid Malposition Treatment Options

Eyelids are an essential part of a healthy eye - and they need to be in a correct position to ensure optimal tear production, drainage, and overall eye protection. Any deviation can cause severe eye health issues and lead to vision problems down the line.

Atlanta-based ocular surgery expert, Dr. Harvey "Chip" Cole, III, Quadruple Board Certified Surgeon, answers your questions on eyelid malposition.

   •What are the most frequent types of eyelid malposition?

Entropion (eyelids turned inward), ectropion (eyelids turned outward), or eyelid retraction. Left untreated, they can worsen with age and have a substantial impact on eye health.

   •Is there a permanent treatment for eyelid malposition?

Using the latest advances in corrective surgery, they can all be permanently corrected with treatment from an experienced specialist, states Dr. Cole.

An effective surgical option for the correction of eyelid malposition is the concentric malar lift. A large study (1) published in 2018 in the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery journal found that “[...] the concentric malar lift has demonstrated its efficiency and reliability in both aesthetic rejuvenation and also reconstructive cases of lower eyelid retraction. The procedure has evolved, and the concentric malar lift is now a well-defined, safe and replicable technique.”

   •Is eyelid malposition surgery complicated?

Depending on the type of surgery needed, the surgeon may use different techniques to tackle more complex issues. A literature review (2) published in the Ophthalmology and Therapy Journal concludes: “Surgical techniques provide various solutions for anterior lamellar reconstruction and usually result in excellent eyelid functional and aesthetic outcomes. However, posterior lamellar reconstruction remains a challenge and often requires the integration of many different techniques to achieve the most functional and aesthetic outcome.”


The latest announcement is part of a series of public education efforts by the experienced Atlanta-based surgeon.

With more than three decades of experience and over 35,000 successful surgeries performed, Dr. Cole has established a strong reputation as one of the leading experts in ophthalmology and corrective facial surgery.

Dr. Cole has authored the widely popular “Face Change: Methods for Looking and Feeling Your Best”, an irreverent look at the psychological, cultural and medical aspects behind facial appearance, self-perception, and self-improvement.

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2) Yan, Y., Fu, R., Ji, Q. et al. Surgical Strategies for Eyelid Defect Reconstruction: A Review on Principles and Techniques. Ophthalmol Ther 11, 1383-1408 (2022).

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