Top Apple Valley Solar Experts Offer Fixed Financing To Help You Avoid PPAs

Jun 15, 2021

Apple Valley, California solar company Option One Solar helps you own your solar energy system and avoid the long-term costs of a solar lease or PPA – go to to find out more!

A solar lease or PPA are not your best options when it comes to getting a solar energy system. Worried about high initial costs if you’re going to own your system? This Apple Valley company offers the affordable solution you need – with no upfront costs!

Go to to get started!

The announcement comes as interest in solar energy continues to grow, with recent California legislation encouraging all new homeowners to invest in solar panels. While lease and PPA programs may appear attractive due to their very low initial costs, Option One Solar explains that their long-term costs can be substantial – thus lowering their savings potential.

With a PPA, you’ll typically pay for all the power your system generates, regardless of whether or not you actually use it. Coupled with an average payment increase of 2.9% per year, this option gives you only marginal savings in the long run.

Option One Solar proposes a solar panel system ownership solution designed to be up to ten times more cost-effective than a lease or PPA. The company offers fixed financing for roof PV systems, ground mounted solar panels, and carport solar systems, giving you a reliable way of calculating your costs – even considering potential utility rate increase.

“At the true rate of utility increase, the average customer in the High Desert with a $300 bill will pay over 200k over a 25-year period,” explains a company spokesperson. “Our average system is 20k after incentives. That’s a lower cost of about 15 times.”

The company’s updated resources also include a guide on how to get out of a lease contract. Since these contracts are typically designed to be long-term, canceling them can be a challenging endeavor and may involve sizable costs on your part – making it essential to undertake thorough research before opting for a solar lease.

A spokesperson for the company said: “We advise all shoppers to educate themselves on the different solar options that are available before making a decision. Many sales tactics out there are deceptive and misleading; whether it’s a purchase, lease or other option, choosing the wrong company could quickly become a headache.”

The latest announcement is part of Option One Solar’s commitment to offering high-quality solar solutions for clients in Apple Valley, Victorville, Hesperia, Phelan and the surrounding areas.

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