Top Algonquin Estheticians Offer Sugaring For Painless Hair Removal

Oct 21, 2022

Looking for organic hair removal options for your sensitive skin? Still traumatized from a waxing session where the wax was too hot it burned you? Look no further than Wolschlager Wellness. They offer sugaring, which is a gentler, more comfortable waxing method.

Top Algonquin Estheticians Offer Sugaring For Painless Hair Removal

There are too many complications with regular waxing - the hair needs to be a certain length and thickness, and you can never really pull them out at the root! This causes unsightly bumps of ingrown hair a few days after the treatment.

It kind of makes you reconsider why you even bothered to get waxed, right?

With sugaring, all these problems go away because the elastic sugar "wax" molds around the hair tightly, allowing the aesthetician to pull them out completely. At Wolschlager Wellness, waxing leaves your skin smooth and silky for weeks.

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The spa recommends sugaring because it is less painful than traditional waxing. Since the sugar does not touch the skin during the treatment, it does not cause over-exfoliation. This is also why sugaring is better for sensitive skin.

Sugaring is an ancient form of hair removal, dating back to the Egyptians. At Wolschlager Wellness, the sugar “wax” only contains sugar, lemon, and water. After it is applied, the sugar is pulled toward the direction of the hair growth to minimize breakage. Done by the spa’s expert aesthetician, sugaring causes you less discomfort.

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Wolschlager Wellness explains that sugaring does not make hair coarse. Unlike traditional waxing, the hair is completely removed, so it grows back thinner and less dense. The spa uses a thick but flexible sugar compound that is capable of removing even fine hairs. Short or stubby hair caused by shaving can also be removed by sugaring.

The effect of regular sugaring at the spa is similar to laser hair removal because it causes the hair to become finer over time. The main difference, however, is that laser hair removal is more permanent and can last months or years, while sugaring needs to be done at least monthly.

Wolschlager Wellness invests in state-of-the-art facilities to provide the best quality care for their clients. They offer a wide range of wellness services including laser hair removal, facials, microneedling, and airbrush spray tanning.

“Great service, caring attitude. All are amazing and make you feel welcome,” a satisfied client said.

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