Top 3 Benefits Of Organic Muslin Baby Swaddle Blankets For Newborn Boys And Girls

Oct 22, 2021

Looking for soft and gentle swaddles and blankets for your newborn? Then you need the sustainable baby products by Malabar Baby!

Do you want items for your baby that are as safe and friendly for the environment as they are for your newborn? Take a look at the newest line of organic muslin swaddle blankets from Malabar Baby!

The latest additions to the range are made of organic cotton, or a cotton and bamboo blend, for softness and breathability.

The product line provides parents with light, comfortable options for newborns, made entirely of natural fabrics that are delicate and soft enough for babies’ skin.

Malabar Baby consists of a group of designers from around the globe, all of whom have an original perspective, with diverse techniques and styles. Many of the quilts and blankets from the company take inspiration from ethnic patterns, culture, nature, and architecture local to the designers in Mumbai, Hong Kong, and the USA amongst others.

Products from the company are made using the best organic muslin, manufactured from eco-conscious, pesticide-free raw materials that took years to source. Just as much thought and work go into the patterns and designs on each piece of fabric, too. Their dedicated team carefully block print each piece, laboring to layer colors to create a piece for your baby that’s entirely unique, every time.

The company takes great pride in providing baby blankets, swaddles, and more, that are not only friendly to your newborn’s skin but also sustainable. Malabar Baby supports water recycling practices, sustainable production methods, and good working conditions for all their staff, treating each one as the valuable individual they are. Collaborating with women-owned factories, the company insists upon fair wages and job security for their employees.

Despite the work that goes into each piece, Malabar Baby ensures that even their most premium products are affordable to all, offering organic muslin swaddles from $18 each.

With the latest announcement, Malabar Baby continues to invest in offering sustainable, quality baby products for customers to purchase online.

“From the drawing board to your nursery, all of our bedding is meticulously designed,” said a company spokesperson. “The art of every baby quilt takes 7 days of dedicated hands-on attention to detail. But we are just as passionate about giving back, and support Mother’s Choice – a local charity in Hong Kong serving children without families – whose vision it is to see every child in a loving family.”

Malabar Baby creates thoughtful, organic, sustainable baby blankets for boys and girls, and products you can trust, for even the most delicate newborn skin!

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