TMJ Treatment For Dizziness: Frisco Dentist Uses Latest Biometric Technologies

May 31, 2023

Temporomandibular joint problems can have a huge impact on your quality of life. Frisco-based Millennium Smiles (972-987-4899) offers some of the latest technology to diagnose and treat the condition.

Let’s roll with “jaw joint,” because saying temporomandibular too many times will make anyone’s face hurt.

Your jaw joint is an impressive work of nature, but it can also cause a wide variety of problems. If you suffer from facial pain or unexplained headaches, see Millennium Smiles to have your TMJ checked.

The team uses advanced biometric equipment to listen for friction in your TMJ, which is the telltale sign that something isn’t working properly. The good news is that their 12-16-week therapy is drug-free and noninvasive, so diagnosing and treating TMJ problems has never been easier.

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When left untreated, temporomandibular disorders, or TMDs, can lead to more serious problems, and Millennium Smiles aims to diagnose and treat your problems at the earliest possible stage. The clinic has two conveniently located offices on Main Road and Lebanon Road, so it’s super easy to book an appointment if you’re suffering any symptoms.

So, is TMD some rare exotic problem? Actually, it’s quite common. A 2023 report published by the US National Library of Medicine states that TMD prevalence is as high as 30%, with symptom ranging from jaw and facial pain to headaches and other chronic conditions. The piece states that psychological distress should be considered as part of any treatment, as anxiety and depression can only make your pain worse.

Millennium Smiles’ diagnostic tools involve the use of a headphone like device and are noninvasive and pain-free, so you won’t experience any stress. Similarly, the latest therapeutic approaches do not require any surgical intervention, and are reported to resolve pain and other symptoms for 95% of clients.

“TMJ therapy is a reversible, noninvasive method that is recommended as the first line of defense for TMJ issues,” a clinic representative explained. “Treatment in our Frisco, TX office usually lasts 12-16 weeks and has a 95% success rate of addressing reported symptoms and weaning off of daytime orthotics.”

In addition to TMJ problems, Millennium Smiles offers specialist diagnosis and treatment for obstructive sleep apnea, with some of the latest fitted oral appliances now available for treating the condition. The latest updates are part of the clinic’s ongoing goal of providing the most advanced dental technologies in the wider Frisco region.

“I’m so happy I found Millennium Smiles,” one client recently stated. “You’re not just treated like a number here, which is how it always should be. The whole team is extremely professional and amazing at what they do. They actually care for their patients and do all the follow-up necessary. For as long as I can, I’ll continue visiting this clinic.”

If you suffer from jaw pain, difficulty chewing, or unexplained headaches, see the team at Millennium Smiles for a fast and noninvasive assessment of your TMJ.

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