McKinney Dentist Offers Emergency Dental Crowns For Broken Teeth Replacement

May 30, 2023

If you’ve broken or damaged a tooth, waiting to treat it can result in infection or even nerve damage. Millennium Smiles (469-200-8123) offers emergency dental crowns for broken or damaged teeth, for immediate, long-term relief.

If you've broken a tooth, you don't need me to tell you how much pain it can cause. Unfortunately, it can also lead to bacterial infection in your tooth and gums, or eventually cause permanent nerve damage.

Luckily, Millennium Smiles offers 24/7 emergency dental care and can repair and/or replace your broken tooth with a high-quality, natural-looking crown quickly and effectively.

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✦ The Danger Of Broken Teeth ✦

A broken or damaged tooth can cause a great deal of oral pain and even bleeding. With the enamel not fully intact after a break, the nerve of the tooth is left unprotected from bacteria, which will eventually lead to a bacterial infection in the tooth and potentially the deeper gum tissues. Immediate repair or replacement can prevent the spread of infection and more permanent nerve damage.

For some of us, going to the dentist is a scary venture. But imagine getting your tooth fixed quickly, preventing all further infection and damage, in a dental office designed for comfort and calm. Not so bad, right?

✦ Millennium Smiles For The Win ✦

Millennium Smiles prides itself on creating a welcoming, soothing environment that makes getting dental work comfortable for even the most dentist-anxious patients.

If you've experienced an accident that results in a broken or damaged tooth, you can schedule a free consultation with Millennium Smiles, where you will receive a comprehensive exam to determine whether the tooth needs repair, extraction, and/or replacement.

If necessary, Millennium Smiles will replace your damaged or broken tooth with a high-quality, durable, and natural-looking dental crown to provide long-term protection and increased strength. The practice uniquely provides same-day crown replacements. This means a dentist will accurately measure the affected tooth with an in-office digital scan machine, create the crown, and secure it in your mouth within a few hours!

Millennium Smiles' dentists prioritize using dental crowns that match your smile so that the crown looks as natural as possible.

✦ About Millennium Smiles ✦

With two privately-owned locations in Frisco, Millennium Smiles strives to serve residents of the surrounding communities with the most cutting-edge dental care techniques and technologies available. The practice offers a wide array of dental treatments, including orthodontics, kids' dentistry, dental implants, TMJ therapy, obstructive sleep apnea appliance therapy, and more. Millennium Smiles' dentists are dedicated to educating patients while treating them, to help them achieve optimum oral health through improved everyday dental hygiene practices.

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