Timber fence posts in NZ with unique carved designs of your choice

Apr 13, 2023

Beautiful and cheap carved timber fence posts in NZ are set to make any property stand out from the crowd

Timber fence posts in NZ with unique carved designs of your choice

Earlier today, Bryn Kardon Limited finally announced the release of carved fence posts - it's new CNC carving, which has been in development since the company was started. The main aim is to give people the opportunity to have unique features for their property and will improve the property value, but it does so with a difference.

Brendon Pirihi, Owner/Operator at Bryn Kardon Limited, says: "We wanted to try something new with carved timber fence posts. Anyone familiar with the timber fence market will probably have noticed how everyone else seems to deliver standard fence designs that are the same as all the rest and are becoming increasingly more expensive. This is a problem because people don't deserve to pay more than they have to!."

So as a welcome breath of fresh air, these carved timber fence posts will instead make the customer very happy while not hurting the bank account. Bryn Kardon Limited chose to make this move because they have the ability to deliver a quality, good looking product that can make any back or front yard stand out, at a great price.

Brendon Pirihi also said "We want to give our customers more choice of what is possible at an affordable price. With carved fence posts, they have a fresh new possibility. We want them to feel proud of their home and make their home feel as unique as they are when using carved fence posts. Trying something new is always a risk, but it's a risk we believe is worth taking."

Bryn Kardon Limited has been in business for a little over a year now, being established in 2022. Since Day 1 it has always aimed to provide unique products that are of a high quality, at a great price and delivered with a smile. Check out some of their other unique products on the website - https://brynkardon.co.nz/

This isn't the first time Bryn Kardon Limited has defied convention either. In the beginning they caused a stir when they offered bespoke carved garden art at the same price of other leading retailers who were providing plain, run of the mill designs..

Carved timber fence posts is set to launch this week. To find out more, it's possible to visit https://brynkardon.co.nz/

For further information about Bryn Kardon Limited, all this can be discovered at https://brynkardon.co.nz/

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