This Wireless Car Head Unit Adapter Works With Older Android Auto Versions

Aug 17, 2023

Don’t miss out on the easiest and most affordable way to get Android Auto in your car. Check out Carsifi’s WiFi dongle and its companion app today!

Think you can’t use Carsifi because you have an older head unit? No worries - the startup has just updated its companion app!

Ihor Martsekha, who leads the startup, says this development expands the compatibility of its dongle to infotainment systems that have Android 9 or earlier. Specifically, this app facilitates the connection between your dashboard and your smartphone, allowing you to access Android Auto’s full suite of features.

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Furthermore, the executive adds that you can use the enhanced app to fine-tune Carsifi’s settings, including the ability to choose between a 5Ghz or 2.4Ghz WiFi connection. Aside from this, you can also change the internet gateway to be used from the adapter’s built-in WiFi system to your smartphone’s data hotspot.

The latest app update also enables you to adjust your head unit’s dot-per-inch (DPI) setting to enhance readability. Lastly, you can use the app to download firmware updates for the adapter which enhances its functionality and security.

Martsekha says: “Our goal is to democratize the smart car experience by offering a cost-effective solution. Knowing that not all head units can run the latest Android operating system, we created a companion app to make Carsifi usable for more drivers. Together with our WiFi adapter, pairing your phone to your dashboard has never been easier.”

Android Auto is one of the most used smart car suites on the market, boasting compatibility with over 500 car models. Convenient features such as voice commands also promote road safety as it minimizes distractions and keeps your hands on the wheels.

However, the typical age of cars in the US is 12.5 years — meaning many of them either cannot run Android Auto outright or can only run older versions of it. Carsifi bridges this gap with an affordable but powerful adapter that now works with more vehicles than ever.

Marstekha notes that although Carsifi creates a wireless connection, you can expect a stable and lag-free user experience. In addition, it can store multiple user profiles and you can easily switch between them with a tap of the dongle’s Magic Button. This makes the WiFi adapter especially suited for vehicles used by multiple drivers, such as service fleets.

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