This Utility-Based Greek God NFT Community Offers Rewards & Web3 Education

Mar 14, 2024

With the Greek Mythology Club, you get a movement that combats rug pulls and scams with beginner-friendly NFT and crypto education. Join today!

Greek Mythology Club is a disruptive new community that's putting the community back in the NFT space. You're encouraged to build a portfolio of Greek god NFTs and hold them over time to unlock a huge range of perks!

Get access today and mint your first NFT!

From Ares to Zeus: collect them all

The first wave of utility-based NFTs focuses on popular Greek gods, including Ares, Zeus, Poseidon, Hermes, and Apollo. Each has a distinct design and unique, randomized theme, with colorful backgrounds, hand items, headgear, and more to differentiate them.

The community was established as a direct response to the challenges faced by NFT enthusiasts, who have witnessed rug pulls and other scams in projects like AnubisDAO, where $60 million was lost. It aims to provide you with a trustworthy and transparent NFT experience, where you can enjoy a sense of camaraderie and mutual support.

Bi-weekly ETH & crypto education

Minting and holding NFTs provides access to stacking rewards, and by incentivizing long-term commitment, the community aims to cultivate a sense of ownership and loyalty, so the club can be something you're proud of.

Education is central to the program: you just have to mint a single NFT to gain access to the Fish Club tier, which offers pre-recorded web3 video training. The Dolphin Club requires 5 NFTs, the Shark Club 10, and the Whale Club 20, while 40 provides access to the Kraken Club. From the Shark Club level and above, you can join exclusive once-per-month group mentorships, covering a wide range of topics including cryptocurrency, forex trading, and crypto nodes.

Luxury travel opportunities & Airbnb trips

In addition to the educational and mentorship opportunities, G.M.C. offers a variety of other rewards and incentives, including Airbnb trips, VIP event access, and the opportunity to participate in future mints.

A spokesperson states: “Reserve your spot on the webinar to find out more about the secret NFT with crypto rewards that are backed by real assets - and how anyone can use this simple system to continuously stack Ethereum, even if you’re just starting out in the NFT space.”

Greek Mythology Club isn't just for fans of the old stories – it's the perfect project for any collector.

Grab your seat at and make sure you don’t miss out!

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