This US Ice Making Machine Supplier Explains What Type Is Best For Hotels & Bars

Mar 21, 2022

Does your business need ice-making equipment? Learn what type is right for you, with this free buying guide and quotation service from US-based Ice Maker Depot.

This US Ice Making Machine Supplier Explains What Type Is Best For Hotels & Bars

It’s not something you usually think about until your business actually needs an ice maker. Where do you start? Not all ice-making machines were created equal, and this comprehensive guide helps you understand exactly what type your business should be looking for.

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If you’re in the market for ice making equipment for the first time, you probably won’t be aware just how many variations in design there are. Recognizing that different industries have unique demands, Ice Maker Depot’s guide and quotation service are designed to make your buying process as simple as possible, as well as suggesting the best quality equipment that you should consider.

An online search for ice making equipment reveals just how many options there are, which can quickly become overwhelming if you’re a novice buyer. For example, ice cubes can be produced in multiple different styles, such as gourmet, full cube, half cube, flake, small dice, and more. Who knew?

In the first instance, Ice Maker Depot now explains the most common uses for each of these types, as well as the industries they are best suited to. The new guide states that cube shaped ice is one of the most frequently seen, and is often preferred by restaurants, bars, convenience stores, hotels, and offices. Want to know what a ‘chewblet’ is? The guide explains that too.

Pricing for commercial ice making equipment can also have a wide variance, ranging anywhere from $1,800 to $6,900. As with most other products, Ice Maker Depot states that the cheapest equipment is often not the best option. You get what you pay for. The company’s pricing guide helps you understand ballpark costings for quality machines, which can then be refined through your custom quotation.

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About Ice Maker Depot

Offering nationwide service, Ice Maker Depot supplies some of the leading ice making brands in the industry, including Hobart, Manitowoc, Ice-O-Matic, Hoshizaki, Scotsman, Follet, and more. In addition to purchasing, you are also provided with lease or rental options, allowing you a greater degree of flexibility for your business.

A company representative stated: “With so many ice makers on the market today, it’s difficult to say which one is the best if we don’t know your individual circumstances. The best one for you will depend largely on which industry you’re in.”

Discover just how much you didn’t know about ice-making machines, with Ice Maker Depot’s free guide.

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