This San Diego Solar Energy Expert Can Ensure You Have Power During An Emergency

Mar 2, 2021

Did the Texas deep freeze event make you worry about your own power supply? This company can make you become energy independent, so you can face the threats of natural disasters with confidence.

In the aftermath of the Texas winter storm, thousands of families are still reeling from the disaster, with many still lacking the basic necessities. What can you do to protect your family in case something like this happens in your area?

Makello, a company specializing in solar solutions, has updated its renewable energy services, offering you a wider range of options to help you ensure that the lights stay on during major emergencies.

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With the announcement, the company aims to provide you with a sustainable means to generate your own electricity to avoid the potential risks posed by over-reliance on traditional power grids. 

The update came on the heels of the massive power outages in Texas, which were brought about by the sprawling winter storm that affected the state and other parts of the country in February. The storm caused record-low temperatures that resulted in the freezing and shut down of many power generators in the state.

Apart from the devastating effects of the blackout, many homeowners are now facing skyrocketing electric bills owing to the surges in spot wholesale prices, with one price spike reaching as high as 10,000%. 

Furthermore, the aftermath of the severe weather resulted in more than 70 deaths and millions of residents without access to clean water. 

“This is not a one-time problem,” Charlie Johnson Makello CEO stated, “331 million Americans are at risk of losing electricity, gas, and water from the ever-present threats posed by natural disasters including storms, excessive cold or heat, hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, and tornadoes, which are all threats to the power grid and related resources.

The company can help you to build your personal micro-grid using solar panels and batteries. “The addition of storage is all that is needed to make your home truly energy independent,” Johnson said. 

“There is an answer…energy independence through the installation of solar panels and energy storage creating your own personal micro-grid,” Johnson continues. “The solution is within reach. By the close of 2021, it is projected that the nation will surpass 3 million solar installations in 2021 and will go over 4 million solar panel installations in 2023. The addition of storage is all that is needed to make the home energy independent. Incentives from both Federal and State sources as well as financing options are available to assist with the cost.”

Makello offers both photovoltaic panels and storage solutions, in addition to a wide array of plug-in hybrids and fully electric vehicles.

Makello is led by industry experts with years of experience in renewable energy research and installation. Its CEO, Charlie Johnson, dedicated his life to helping families prepare for emergencies after his family’s life-threatening experience with Hurricane Luis, one of the most powerful hurricanes to ever make landfall in history and narrowly escaping the 2007 Witch Creek Fire.

Mr. Johnson has also contributed to the growth of solar energy through his writings and initiatives.

Keep your family safe and warm with a power source that works during natural disasters and rolling blackouts.

Contact Makello today to schedule a FREE energy consultation and secure your own power supply with San Diego’s top-rated solar energy experts!

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