This Price Comparison App Covers All Your Auto Repair Needs In Vancouver, BC

Mar 30, 2021

Car owners in Vancouver, Victoria, Abbotsford and Nanaimo now have a convenient and easy to use application for all their car repair and servicing needs. The all-in-one price comparison tool is provided by Canada-based Auto Fix Buddy.

Are you looking for a car repair center in Vancouver? This application has you covered!

Canada-based car repair comparison website, Auto Fix Buddy, has launched an extended range of services for residents in British Columbia including Vancouver, Victoria, Abbotsford, and Nanaimo.

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The services are designed to make it easier for you to find competitive car servicing and repair quotations in your area, whilst also providing local businesses with a greater online presence.

Whilst price comparison websites have existed in various guises since the late 1990s, there has been no comprehensive price comparison website covering automotive repairs in Canada and the US until recently.

Auto Fix Buddy was created to provide car-owners across Canada and the US with a convenient and easy-to-use price comparison tool for vehicle repairs and servicing, and the application now has over 3 million registered businesses.

If you are seeking a quotation in Vancouver, for example, you can use the application to enter the make and model of your vehicle and the system will identify repair centers in your area.

The expanded service now utilizes filters to help you refine your search for more specific requirements. Some of the filter categories include diagnosis and testing, engine servicing, brakes, electrical and lights, and body repairs.

You can also view the range of amenities each service center offers. Some examples include WiFi, courtesy vehicles, financing options and vehicle rental.

Search results indicate a range of useful information to help you choose the most suitable service provider. Details provided include hourly or daily rates, availability, distance, special offers, and customer reviews, as well as a map giving the precise location of the business.

Auto Fix Buddy was not only designed to provide convenience to customers but also to help local businesses reach more clients in their area.

Businesses using the service will be provided with advice and guidance on how to set up an attractive and informative profile that attracts customers. The application provides businesses with an online booking system as well as real-time chat functionality.

A representative of Auto Fix Buddy stated: “We’re North America’s leading car repairs comparison site providing motorists with a quick, easy and transparent way to search for services, compare, book, and review any garage in their local areas”.

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