This Premium DJ Mix Platform Offers The Best One Hour Music Mixes

May 23, 2021

Are you tired of replaying the same old generic mixes on YouTube and Spotify? Subscribe to DJ Nation and treat yourself to DJ Joe’s growing library of exclusive mixes, with more DJ’s being added every month.

Are you looking for a source of unique club music that you won’t find anywhere else? Then check out who’s behind this new music platform and why you should be excited!

DJ Nation, a subscription-based music platform, has announced that Joe Peters, also known as DJ Joe in the club scene, will be one of the main talents who will be producing its exclusive content.

Go to to sample some of his beats.

If you’re a subscriber, this means that you’ll have complete access to the artist’s latest mixes, which are known for their distinct blend of island, reggae, and other music genres. According to the company, DJ Joe is one of the three artists who have committed to growing the platform’s premium music library.

Born and raised in Oahu, Hawaii, DJ Joe’s devotion to music started at a young age despite having a hearing impairment. The community of musicians and vocalists in his hometown contributed to the development of his craft.

He recalled that he started mixing music while spending time in local kava circles. This pastime soon led to a lifelong passion for creating mixes for various events and occasions.

DJ Joe said that his early work was marked by his mixes of reggae, R&B, and hip hop. “However, throughout the years I became more versatile creating mixes from classic oldies to country and even a few workout mixes,” he stated on the company’s website.

DJ Nation offers you a premium ad-free experience on top of the exclusive mixes it produces. Monthly subscribers are entitled to two one-hour mixes and 10 singles per month, as well as access to events and related content.

Meanwhile, its annual package entitles you to the DJ Nation Starter Pack, which includes a t-shirt, cap, and decal sticker. These items can also be purchased at DJ Nation’s online store, which you can access at

The company said that it is currently working on an app designed to further improve your listening experience.

Feedback on DJ Joe’s music has been positive, with many listeners lauding its feel-good vibes and versatility. “Feel good music for any occasion. Smooth and hip at the same time. DJ Joe taking music to another level,” wrote one reviewer. “If you like non-stop island reggae, cruising, work out, Sunday peaceful music mixes, gotta check this guy out,” wrote another.

Join DJ Joe’s nation of Laie-style music fans and get access to his unique brand of music. Sign up now and start dancing to a different kind of beat!

You can find out more at!

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